Bikini Test Failure asks, “Are We Having A Good Time Yet?” Well, are we?

More life-affirming, post-lockdown, pre-Second-Wave, melodious, dark, 
humorous, classy Prog Alt. Rock Britpop from the fevered mind of Manchester UK’s one-man-band, ego-maniac, control-freak James Hill, with all the hallmarks of a Dark-Side-Of-The-Moon Pink Floyd, fronted by the acid wit and humour of a Queen-Is-Dead Smiths.

Hammond organ and Rhodes piano, clanging, chiming guitars, Neil Young’s distorted distortion, a Hendrix Wah-wah solo, Mellotron strings and of course, a glockenspiel. No trombone this time. Dancing optional.

But here’s James’ big story of the day, “Twenty-five years after starting Blague Records, I’ve finally made my first “pop” video! It took a month of filming on my iPhone, a week of editing and a global pandemic to make me bother! Hopefully it’ll make you smile – either way, it’s a great tune!”


And when the solid groove and thundering bass subside and the timeless, beautiful melodies of the final chorus fade into the ether and someone says, “Five minutes forty? It’s a bit LONG isn’t it?!” take a breath and reply, “No! It’s not long ENOUGH!”

Twitter: @Testfailure