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Atlanta Artist 5AM Is Back With His Latest Track “Automatic” Today

Today marks the release of artist and producer 5AM’s latest track, “Automatic” on 1865/Interscope Records. On the ethereal yet pop forward track the Atlanta-based rapper/singer shows off his eclectic and ever-growing sound – he showcases his buttery smooth voice that easily flutters between driving verses and a hypnotic hook. Of new music coming this year 5AM says “I’m really excited about this project and the reception. I can’t wait to hear all the feedback because we really took our time working on these records and they’re very special to me. They represent the space I was in during the recording process.”

Walk Off the Earth Drops Anthemic New Single “Farther We Go”

“Our new single ‘Farther We Go’ embraces the magical memories and the innocence of childhood, and encompasses the challenges of being a grown up,” shares Walk Off the Earth of their new single. “Life is indeed full of challenges and setbacks, but the importance of remaining hopeful and positive through moments of great difficulty is
what shapes us as human beings. We really wanted to emphasize this especially in the current state of the world.”

FINNTROLL Releases Animated Video For “Forsen”

Today, Finnish troll horde FINNTROLL releases new single and an animated music video for “Forsen,” the second track from their highly anticipated seventh studio album, Vredesvävd, out on September 18th via Century Media Records. The troupe’s first new release in long seven years, Vredesvävd translates to “Wrath-woven,” which aptly implies what the vigorous, unapologetic and ill-spirited record is all about.


U.K. indie band The Loft Club make their full-length debut with Dreaming The Impossible, released worldwide today by Lightyear Entertainment, through Caroline/UMG, in association with UK label So Let’s Talk. Produced by James Bragg (Jack Steadman, The Skints), it’s an album made for headphones – equal parts indie rock / folk rock with flashes of sixties guitar psychedelia, nineties Brit-pop and alt-country. All woven together with three-part harmonies, wide open chords and sing-along choruses.

The Loft Club Channel Something Higher on “Heard Her Say”

Trevor Hall releases powerful new song ‘Fire on Your House’

Trevor Hall has released “Fire On Your House,” his newest single which premiered exclusively via ThisSongIsSick earlier this week. The new track sees Hall, a well-natured, do no harm kind of guy releasing his most aggressive song to date. Yet, he is still able to remain balanced and true to himself through his eloquent songwriting.

PREMIERE | Trevor Hall Delivers Powerful Message With New Single “Fire On Your House”

Fiction Parc is releasing their new single “The Mechanical Moon”

Indie-rock group Fiction Parc is releasing their new single “The Mechanical Moon” remixed by multiple Grammy award winner Tchad Blake. This song conveys a rare optimistic melancholy; a beautiful reflection of life’s mechanical harmonies.

Fiction Parc details The Mechanical Moon (Tchad Blake Remix)


This is Rezz and Underoath’s second collaboration following “Falling” which released in January of 2019. The original “Someone Else” was released in April and has garnered over 13.2 million streams worldwide and has reached #15 on Alt Radio in the US and #1 in Canada. Billboard called Rezz and Grabbitz coming together “a match made in electronic heaven.”

Ben Labat Releases Dice Tumblin’ Anthemic Single, “Die Trying”

Ben Labat has released a new single, “Die Trying,” (Labatique Music) today, his second from a three-song collection of tracks.

The Louisiana-based songwriter has led an eventful existence, recorded with Greg Ladanyi, sang a duet with Jackson Browne, and the new series of singles reflects the influence of the journey.

EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: “Die Trying” by Ben Labat

Kathleen shares new track “August,” Kathleen II EP out October 9

“It’s been a long hard summer,” Kathleen says. “It’s my hope that ‘August’ can be three minutes of the rest, reflection and catharsis we all need in order to keep moving and keep growing into the new world and out of the rubble we’re currently under.”

Mathew V drops new album “Two Faced,” single ‘Not Sorry’ out today!

New album, Two Faced, has been a few years in the making. Mathew is not an artist that lives in one space – some days he wants to make top 40 pop music, some days he wants to make a really intimate acoustic song. Some people would say that isn’t allowed, but Mathew wanted to make the ideal album for this point in his life. An album for all of his moods, all of his highs and lows. Two Faced shows both sides of that spectrum really well – both of his faces, so to speak.


The track is produced by Triangle Park (Kanye West, Ty Dolla $ign, Kehlani) and Jay The Great and features a sample from the early 2000’s hit “Can’t Believe” by Faith Evans and Carl Thomas.

“Don’t Talk Back” follows the recent release of the group’s “Thirsty” ft. Mulatto which is produced by Grammy-nominated Kosine and the accompanying visual, which is an ode to OnlyFans, is directed by Jet Phynx. Upon launch, the track received praise from HipHopDX, Snobette, HipHopSince1987 and Idolator who called the track a “radio ready banger.”

New Release: “Rudimental” by Mei (formerly known as “Brandt Orange”)

Influenced by the pop, indie, ambient, and ever-expanding R&B genre, Mei explains that “Rudimental” is a “reflection on the trivial connections that remain after a romantic connection has ended.” “There’s a lot of inertia at play,” he says. “At that point, I’m not sure you really care about the romance or the intimacy. You just want to know what they had for lunch. If they got their shirt back from the tailor, or how their meeting went. Losing that is hard to stomach.”

Machine Gun Kelly Enlists blackbear For New Single “my ex’s best friend”

Two days after releasing his song “concert for aliens”, Machine Gun Kelly doubles up and releases his guitar-tinged track “my ex’s best friend” featuring singer/songwriter/producer blackbear. Here, MGK and blackbear gloomily ruminate about a messy entanglement with their exes’ closest confidant. Instead of wallowing in depression, the Ohio titan finds solace in his ex-lover’s best friend to rediscover love. “my ex’s best friend” continues MGK’s summer reign in the music space, as he readies his fifth studio album Tickets to my Downfall, executive produced by rock luminary Travis Barker.


About the single and video, Mimi commented, “Writing this song came from a really vulnerable place of admitting the truth of where your heart belongs. You know it’s not right or good for you, but you can no longer convince yourself to stay away from the person you’re still in love with—even though you have something good going with another. It took me a long time to face it, but this song really helped me through that process.” The song arrives on the heels of her buzzing anthem “Before I Go.” The track caught fire on Tik Tok when platform superstar Charli D’Amelio.


“Growing up in a musical family, I was listening to The Grateful Dead when I was really young, says Thomas. “American Beauty was among the few CDs I listened to on the bus ride to and from school. As a kid, I loved the songs and the vocal harmonies. As I got older and started playing guitar, their songs shifted into a rich musical landscape that has stayed with me and informed my own music ever since. ‘Black Muddy River’ is a later song in their catalogue, and lyrically a resonant, timeless reflection on life. The Grateful Dead are such a participatory band in the multitudes of ways their fans share in the music, even after Jerry’s passing. This is my interpretation of what is feel is one of their most beautiful songs.”


Field Division share magical single “Star Where Are You;” the psychedelic folk-pop duo have returned

Denton, TX based futuristic 60s/70s folk rock and psychedelic pop duo Field Division cast a spell with their new ethereal single, “Star Where Are You,” which premiered exclusively on American Songwriter. Field Division, consisting of the duo Evelyn Taylor and Nicholas Frampton, explain the meaning behind the song, “Star Where Are You,” saying:

“It’s about losing a friend or loved one – to death or distance – feeling far enough away from your shared existence to perceive them in a different light. It’s about loneliness and getting through it on a sliver of wonder.”

Rod Wave Releases 25-Track Deluxe Album Pray 4 Love

Four months after releasing his triumphant album Pray 4 Love, Rod Wave (Alamo/Geffen Records), gifts fans the project’s deluxe effort. The reloaded offering clocks in with 25 tracks with eleven new records, including features from Yo Gotti and Lil Baby and previously released singles “Freestyle” and “Through the Wire.” Wave’s altruism has no limit, as he also drops his newest visual, “Letter From Houston.” Directed by TruFilms, Wave’s soul-snatching croon warms his lover up amidst his long absence and climb to stardom.

NEW: Mr Williamz ft Top Cat – Rocking Style

With his roots stemmed in West London, home of the world-famous Notting Hill Carnival, Mr Williamz is known by fans the globe over as an original sound system toaster, and whilst the world is unable to descend on his doorstep to soak in and celebrate the British Caribbean community and Black British Culture this year, he ensures that the vibes are still being delivered with the new release.

McCoppin’s Final Pop Puzzle Piece – “For Years”

Beloved queer pop artist Nicolas McCoppin releases his single “For Years” under AWAL – the final piece of the puzzle to his upcoming debut EP. “For Years” follows the same love story as his previous single, “Remember That Night”, and continues to explore the feeling of falling in love for the first time. Arguably McCoppin’s best release yet, “For Years” showcases his upbeat, summer, dance-pop style that has contributed to his considerable appeal as a major pop artist. Premiering on Queerty, the track was described as “channeling the work of Drake, Ariana Grande and a hint of early Miley Cyrus… With a pounding electro beat, the song seems ready for dancefloor revels.”

Young Dolph Shares New Video Single “Death Row” As Lambo Giveaway Continues

The CEO of Paper Route EMPIRE, one of modern rap’s most vital independent labels, Young Dolph pays tribute to rap’s most notorious indie label on “Death Row,” his new single. Riding a beat from PRE-signed producer Bandplay, Dolph talks about the spoils of his success, grateful that the risks he took to reach the top paid off, and eager to spread his wealth among his community: “My barber get a hunda every time I get a new fade.” “Death Row” is the latest single from Rich Slave, Dolph’s next album, coming August 14th via Paper Route EMPIRE.


The song takes its name from Sydney’s traditional owners, many of whom continue to live in the city. The Gadigal (also sometimes spelt “Cadigal”) lands include what is now the CBD plus areas from South Head through to the inner west. ‘Gadigal Land’ is a provocative recount of what happened in this place, and elsewhere in Australia, since 1788.

Gold Star Gold Star’s Debut Album OUT TODAY

On Introducing… Gold Star Gold Star, Adam Miller and Adam Obermeier’s take on classic radio pop shines in its studied precision, knowing subversive choices, and undeniable warmth.

Johnnie Mikel Releases Anthemic New Single “Revolution”

Accomplished singer, songwriter, musician, and performer, Johnnie Mikel, who has earned multiple appearances in the Billboard Charts as an independent artist, has released “Revolution” – the 2nd single off of his upcoming album Purgatory. The anthemic new single was originally meant for the underdogs of the world, but has since become a catalyst for change with significant political undertones. Mikel will release Purgatory in 2020.

“’Revolution’ speaks to the political and social landscape right now, while applauding the young, progressive voices organizing for change. In the recent years, I’ve been inspired by a new generation of diverse artists and activists marching for some of the core things I believe in: women’s rights, gun violence prevention, climate justice, and racial equity,” says Mikel.


Revered metalcore trailblazers MISERY SIGNALS have released their highly-anticipated, 4th studio album, Ultraviolet, today. The record marks the return of all founding members Ryan Morgan (guitar), Branden Morgan (drums), Jesse Zaraska (vocals), Stu Ross (guitar) and Kyle Johnson (bass) for the first album together since their breakout debut Of Malice and the Magnum Heart.

Steven Dayvid McKellar Releases Mysterious New Video for “Don’t Ask Me Why”

The Civil Twilight’s lead singer Steven Dayvid McKellar, has his first solo album coming out later this year. He recently premiered a new song from that album, a melancholy electronic pop track called “Don’t Ask Me Why.” From the blipping electronic beat to McKellar’s subdued vocal delivery, it’s a promising preview for the new album, which is called ETHIO.

El videoclip de “Crush” de Brytiago junto a Jon Z está disponible en YouTube

Las últimas semanas han estado muy movidas para el joven intérprete del género urbano Brytiago, desde el lanzamiento de su álbum “Orgánico” y posterior presentación de videos musicales de algunos de los temas, el cantante ha mantenido a sus fanáticos ocupados y hoy no es la excepción.

En esta oportunidad, Brytiago se une al siempre controversial e irreverente Jon Z. Este “junte”, muy esperado por los fanáticos de la industria, trae un tema fresco y perfecto para armar la fiesta en pleno verano y su nombre es “Crush”. La canción, que no contiene lenguaje explícito, fue producida por Cromo X, Lanalizer y Viti, y fue grabada en Puerto Rico.

Anjelica Reveals Dreamy Single + Video “Maybe It’s the Drugs”

ANJELICA opens up about the transcendental experiences she had while living in NYC. In lyrics, “I wish I could explain the codes that I’m sent, language does not do them justice…I’m still trying to understand why they’re so clear in my conscience?” and “Gets so deep in my head, feels like I’m crazy sometimes…” She compares her time spent in NYC to one long psychedelic trip that changed her perception of reality.

New England’s Arichussettes Washes Away The Dirt With New Video “The Rain”

Arizona/New England’s steadfast MC, Arichussettes, delivers stormy visuals for his latest single The Rain. The video was shot around Worcester, MA and directed by WARecords Alex Fatt highlighting the ride of a rapper/hustler. “Out in the streets I’ve been called Rain since I was a young teenager. The beat spoke to me directly because of the rain sample but also the country style sound to the beat made me think of Arizona where I was born and raised.

Felt Returns with New Album “Felt 4 U” after Decade-Long Hiatus

Today, Felt—the iconic hip-hop supergroup composed of Atmosphere’s Slug and Murs—drops a surprise album: Felt 4 U. The duo signaled a triumphant return from an eleven year hiatus earlier this week with the standalone single “Name In Ya Mouth” before following up with a full-length album produced by Ant of Atmosphere.


“This song is about the sadness, confusion, anger and frustration we are all experiencing right now. I hope that everybody is safe and that we can get through this very soon. Can’t wait to see you all on the other side.” says Mark Hoppus. Travis Barker adds “The song was inspired by the quarantine and the crappy punk rock music we have loved to play since day one. All the drums are one take and I even sang some backup vocals. Mark sounds more pissed off then I’ve ever heard him, and I really like it.”


The video is directed by Brendan Vaughn. “Fire” follows MASN’s latest release “Hate Me!” which dropped last month and was featured on Billboard’s “10 Cool New Pop Songs To Get You Through The Week” and Ones To Watch “#NowWatching” playlist. MASN’s debut EP How To Kill A Rockstar is due out August 21st.

Gutta Slim New Single “Snatchin Purses” off his 1st official release for “Ella Mae Grandbaby”

Gutta Slim captures the zeitgeist on the sheer fire of “Snatchin Purses (feat. Ooh Lawd)”. Lyrics go for a piercing take on the political climate with razor sharp insight into the ruling class’s corruption. Focus on the inherent cruelty of the Trump administration, the flows have a flawless sense of truth to power. Arrangements are kept to the absolute essentials for they effortlessly accentuate the strength of their argument of the undeniable inequality that existed within the United States. Beyond this, it also emphasizes the stark difference of outcomes regarding the toll that COVID 19 has taken on millions of people, causing needless suffering and death due to an administration’s overwhelming incompetence.


The space-age video was directed by Easton West who Whethan previously collaborated with on the incredible “Stay Forever (feat. STRKFR)” visual. The new official video features Whethan’s iconic futuristic helmet as well as stunning colorful and florescent visuals. The rock-influenced track highlights Whethan’s effortlessly cool, alt-electronic production and K.Flay’s floating yet powerful vocals. “Hurting on Purpose (feat. K.Flay)” is latest release from Whethan’s forthcoming debut album, FANTASY.

Ant Saunders Releases “I Had A Love Song” Featuring VanJess

Of the collab, Ant Saunders said: “VanJess sent me their first demo and used their phones singing over the instrumentals and I fell in love with what they had. Their voices sounded so cool over the instrumentals and I knew they were going to kill it when they recorded it.