Karen Jonas teams up with Matt Rasch with quirky-fun animated video for “Pink Leather Boots”

Fredericksburg, VA’s Karen Jonas shares a quirky new animated video for “Pink Leather Boots” off of her awaited fifth album, The Southwest Sky and Other Dreams – out August 28 via Yellow Brick Records. The track premiered on The Bluegrass Situation this past Monday with the help of animator Matt Rasch capturing the perfect vision Karen had envisioned for the accompanied video.

Karen Jonas tells The Bluegrass Situation, “Guitarist Tim Bray and I were driving from Austin to Santa Fe when I first scribbled some notes for ‘Pink Leather Boots.’ I had my boots up on the dash and was marveling at the space — the sheer acreage of Texas leaves room for all kinds of ghosts to hang around.“ With this inspiration for the song, the drive also led for the inspiration of the video. Karen shares, “We passed a neon sign that proudly announced, ‘Dancing Girls!’ I pictured the scene there — an ambitious trucker falls in love and daydreams a future with this Dancing Girl, only to drive off into the sunset empty-handed. He drops that dream like the rusted car in the side yard, driving on to newer, shinier, perhaps more accessible dreams. On to whatever comes next. Sometimes, just dreaming is enough to fill the time.”