How to Choose the Right Marking Machine?

Fiber laser marking technology has now been adopted by many manufacturers. The fiber optic laser marker is much better than the traditional one in many aspects. How to choose a suitable one among many products on the market, is the big question for most buyers who lack experience in this aspect. This document will give detailed recommendations for you, follow these tips, you will never miss the perfect marker suitable for you.

Field lens: it is also called a field focus lamp, scanning lens, F-objective objective, which is mainly used for focusing beams produced by galvanometer on a plane. Warm Tips: You should check the marking scope when purchasing the marking machine according to your requirement. It is not necessary to buy a big one or an expensive one, you have to buy the most suitable for you.

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First of all, we must first consider the after-sales service

The laser and reflective lens of the laser marking machine are consumables and have a certain lifespan. They must be repaired or replaced after a period of use. This obliges the manufacturers to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee, which can provide such timely after-sales services. To be cheap, some users buy laser marking machines from small processing factories at very low prices. After a while, the laser marking machine needs some usage problems or parts need to be replaced. After contacting the manufacturer, they found that by going upstairs, this situation is extremely unfavorable for users.

Second, we must consider the quality of the products

As the saying goes, laypeople look busy and lay people look out the door. The same is a laser marking machine, the parts used are different, the performance and so on will be different. Here are some examples:

Motor: linked to the engraving precision of the laser marking machine, some manufacturers choose imported stepper motors, some are common stepper motors and some are unbranded motors. The laser marking machine produced uses a custom servo motor. The high-speed laser servo motor guarantees the perfect quality of the engraving and marking machine of the laser marking machine.

  • Fiber laser marking machine suitable for engraving and marking of most metals, rigid plastics and ceramics;
  • CO2 laser marking machine – it is divided into high power and low power, the low power is suitable for packaging non-metallic material products, marking small objects, coding; high power can be applied to jeans, cardboard, leather, clothing, stone, wood and other non-metallic materials for cutting, hollowing out, marking, marking and other processes.
  • UV laser marking machines suitable for high precision laser processing, such as electronic products, glass, jade agate processing, etc.

If the materials or requirements listed are not available, you can call the providers for consultation. They can have more than ten years of experience in laser marking and can provide you with a full range of laser solutions.