Juank Cortavarría, The Colombian speaker is a motivational reference for entrepreneurs from various countries

Juank Cortavarria lives in Colombia, is a speaker and director of multiple companies and founder of Cortavarría Academy, a training institution for speakers and motivational help. During his first year as a speaker, he managed to inspire more than 50,000 followers with his messages.

Juank Cortavarría is 28 years old and his success as a motivator knows no bounds. He gave numerous conferences in recent months, including “Three steps to a successful life: Be an X + 1”, most recently his speech “How to use fears in your favor?”, Numerous online talks and webinars for the entire world on neuromarketing, neurolinguistic programming and personal improvement in times of crisis.

Their success has been sustained, their social networks have been one of the main sources to motivate entrepreneurs.

He is characterized by his unique, cheerful personality and his naturalness when expressing himself, since he does not concern himself with stereotypes, but with results. He is the founder of his own personal brand Juank Cortavarría; But he does not forget solidarity, and he also carries out charity campaigns for the neediest in his country.

You can follow him on Instagram and find much more information about his conferences, as well as motivational messages for the day to day.

@juankcortavarria – https://www.instagram.com/juankcortavarria/