Today sees experimental, genre-blending artist Ghostemane announce his latest 13-track album ANTI-ICON, out October 21st, alongside a stirring premiere trailer. Watch it here:

ANTI-ICON marks Eric Ghoste’s eighth studio album as Ghostemane, and is the highly-anticipated successor to his genre-defying, sonically defining 2018 opus N/O/I/S/E. Due in the fall, the record is a culmination of Ghostemane’s musical mutations, a personal sonic statement reflective of many years of craft. As the project’s sole architect, Ghoste has created a singular canon of extreme music, incorporating elements of industrial, hardcore, acoustic, southern “phonk” rap, and experimental genres, which is delivered more instinctively than ever on ANTI-ICON.

The upcoming album is a tour of Eric’s psyche, for better and for worse. Ghoste explains the album encompasses “The rise and fall. Ecstasy in pain. The fragility of the quiet moments after the crash. The deafening silence filling your brain, forcing you to scream it away. The battles raging inside you. That’s the sound of ANTI-ICON.”