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California’s Beautiful Dudes Announce New LP + Share New Single, “Nite Nite”

Beautiful Dudes are releasing a limited edition skateboard deck with Lurkville Skateboards and kicking off their first release on Dowd Records with a rocker called “Nite, Nite”. The Nite, Nite single will only be released on a flexi vinyl record included with each Beautiful Dudes Lurkville Skateboards deck.

Nite, Nite is the first single from the upcoming EP Nite Songs out August 14th on streaming and limited edition denim vinyl.

Track Premiere: Beautiful Dudes – ‘Nite Nite’

Mark Stoffel releases video for “Shadowbands”

“Shadowbands,” a contemplative, atmospheric composition inspired by 2017’s solar eclipse, features Stoffel accompanied by Gina Furtado (banjo), acclaimed Irish fiddler/violinist Niall Murphy, co-producer Josh Morrison on guitar, and longtime colleague Ross Sermons (upright bass),

Miserable Chillers Share “The Glass” Single, New LP ‘Audience of Summer’ Out 8/7

Brooklyn-based Miserable Chillers share “The Glass,” the second single off of the upcoming album Audience of Summer, due out August 7th via Baby Blue.

On the track, Look At My Records praises, “The song really captures the feel of a curious young child exploring and actively pursuing new experiences, as Gallego even adds some ribbiting frogs and glimmering forest sounds to complement the track’s shiny guitar riffs and marimba-sounding percussion.”

Chicago Powerhouse Rocker Bethany Thomas to Release Debut Solo Album 8/28

You may have heard Chicago singer/actor/songwriter Bethany Thomas somewhere… but was it on college rock radio or the classical music station? Was she singing with Robbie Fulks or Syl Johnson? With Tawny Newsome? The Mekons? Was it in a Gershwin opera? Was she fronting a Lou Reed tribute band? How bout playing Billie Holiday at a midwestern dinner theater? Perhaps it was with the Bloodshot Records via Muscle Shoals project Jon Langford’s Four Lost Souls? Or maybe some drag show you ended up at one night.

ANDREW W. BOSS Offers Ode to Perseverance in Timely New Video for “Patience”

Rock-rap-metal artist ANDREW W. BOSS has revealed a new video for the song “Patience,” an ode to perseverance as the world navigates through uncharted times.

Andrew W. Boss calls for “Patience” so we can safely rock out again

Eliot Bronson – New Single “Let Me Go” Featured at Rolling Stone Country Today

Bronson shares, “The end of a relationship can feel like a car crash. There’s that moment right before impact, where time slows down and you get this superhuman clarity on what’s about to happen. You also realize there’s nothing you can do to stop it. “ He continues, “I wrote “Let Me Go” right there, in that window of psychedelic lucidity. I heard the whole thing in my head — the wall of harmonies, the distorted electric guitar breakdown, the mellotron strings in the bridge. Writing this song felt like a portal, or the lifting of a veil. I was also microdosing at the time, but who’s counting. “

RS Country Music Picks: Week of July 20th

PROVISION Breaks 7-Year Silence With “Hearts Turn Dark”-A Story of Hurt and Healing

North America’s purveyors of “darkpop,” PROVISION return on 7-20-2020 with their long-awaited 6th Full Length LP, Hearts Turn Dark!

“What does it mean to truly hurt? And to truly heal? ”

It’s been 7 long and turbulent years since PROVISION gave the world A New Revolution. What followed that album in late 2012 was the internal breakdown of the band itself. While every attempt was made to rebuild and forge ahead, PROVISION was destined to be burned in flames.

Leitvox presents latest single “Blue Crest”

“Blue Crest” is the latest effort by Miami based producer Leitvox. The single combines multiple influences, with touches of trance, acid, and electronica discernible throughout the ten-minute long track. There’s an epic feeling to the music, a sense of excitement or held back excitement that one could compare to the soundtracks of various action movies or video games.

Neck Deep Releases New Song + Video – “Sick Joke”

Ahead of this Friday’s release of their monumental fourth full-length album, All Distortions Are Intentional, Neck Deep has released “Sick Joke.” “It’s a song that questions the fabric of reality whilst battling mental health,” shares front man Ben Barlow on the track. “Jett contemplates whether life itself is even real, in fairly ethereal terms, due to the internal suffering he is experiencing. Shredding solos, punchy rhythms and stomping drums drive the song along, and it sonically represents the more minor/ driven side of the record.”

Neck Deep releases new song and video ‘Sick Joke’

OHTWO premiere “Trust Me/Mephistopheles” on Vents, new LP out on July 31st

Over the weekend, Florida post-pop duo OHTWO returned with a video for their double single “Trust Me/Mephistopheles” along with the announcement of a new album, A Time To Be So Small, out on July 31st.

“Both style and substance,” Vents Magazine’s RJ Frometa writes on the release. “A fittingly downcast document of the COVID-19 age.”

PREMIERE: OHTWO Release New Music Video For “Trust Me”

Summer Walker’s Life on Earth EP Debuts Top 10 On Billboard 200

R&B superstar Summer Walker (LVRN/Interscope Records) continues her impressive winning streak after the release of her emo-leaning EP, Life on Earth. Debuting at No. 8 on the Billboard 200 and No. 1 on the Top R&B Albums chart, the five-track serving proves to be a healthy entree for listeners enamored by Walker’s candor and dulcet vocals. Featuring NO1-NOAH (“SWV” & “White Tee”) and PARTYNEXTDOOR (“My Affection”), Walker brilliantly collides with both artists, while maintaining her entrancing mystique as R&B’s prized gem. Walker’s streaming excellence continues to be her calling card, as Life on Earth netted an astounding 32 million streams its opening week.


“Grand Army” is the suave solo debut from Enoch Porch

Enoch Porch makes his striking solo debut with the track “Grand Army.” The track leads with a gripping vocal suaveness. A soaring guitar solo at 02:30 lends a twangy reverberation alongside a backing organ. From there, the track steadily fades into a memorable twilight.


Headie One and Drake have joined forces to release a new single entitled ‘Only You Freestyle’. Underpinned by a piercing and ominous instrumental crafted by the prolific M1 On The Beat, the two rap titans take turns spitting scorching bars, expertly demonstrating their mutually commanding delivery and insatiable flow.

Drake Drops ‘Only You Freestyle’ with Headie One

Bearcraft weaves vivid imagery, drama and peril with enchanting ‘Outside in the Morning Snow’

Taken from their forthcoming electronically charged LP, ‘Fabrefactions’, out on 4th September, the track explores the essence of acceptance of impending doom from fractious political factions or forces of nature. Speaking about the track, Dicky said, “When life, as Stephen Pinker puts it, is a battle against entropic forces, peril is always close. Morning Snow is about that, and about the solace that can be found in accepting this foreboding reality. ”

Crawford Mack reads between the lines on the melodious ‘Depends On Where You Stand’

Crawford Mack is not your average new artist. His fellow Glaswegians would argue that he is not particularly new for starters, given his regular live performances across the city. With his debut solo album set to drop in the fall, the singer-songwriter teases listeners with new offering ‘Depends On Where You Stand’