David Nicolas Albanese: Real Estate Leader and Expert

David Nicolas Albanese is a real estate expert, entrepreneur, and CEO of High Farms. His leadership is essential during these uncertain times, as real estate agents, landlords, and investors seek his guidance.

From answering questions about how much to pay a property manager in commission to explaining how commissions work, David clarifies the basics about real estate. For example: The commission an agent receives ranges from a high of six percent to a low of two percent of a property’s sale price. A buyer pays the closing cost, not the commission, though some real agents may let customers negotiate this fee.

David helps customers who buy and sell real estate. He customizes messaging for each customer, highlighting a property’s advantages regarding location, resale value, and access to key points of interest. His rules are invaluable to all customers.

Quality Is Everything

David’s commitment to quality is absolute. His portfolio of transactions is independent proof of his experience and success. When choosing a real estate professional, review that person’s website and body of work.

Exceptional Work

Finding an agent who is both exceptional and pragmatic is not easy. When a real estate professional has a reputation for excellence, when he achieves his goals and serves his clients, when you can work with such a person, seize the chance to do so. David is that professional, eager to advise you and ready to help you.