How To Channel Your Inner Rapper

Rap is a music genre that started in the later part of the 1960s, its origins from the disadvantaged parts of New York City. You will find that Latin music, funk, soul and reggae all provide the foundation for rap music as we know it today.

Typically, the fans of the genre were African American boys from a humble background and they have created an entire culture around rap, starting with a new style of speech and a dress code. Rap as a dress style was especially popular in the mid ’90s, and it hasn’t really changed much since.

The rap style of dress appeals to more people than ever before! Below, you will find some great tips for beginners.

The Baggy Sweatshirt

Depending on the weather, you will need to acquire and wear a baggy sweatshirt. Your chosen sweater should feature rapper icons such as Tupac in a prominent size on the front or the back.

Large Baggy Pants

Baggy pants that are large and wide are the perfect companions for rappers. Traditionally, these pants are ill fitting to the point of showing underwear to prove their casual appeal. Sidebands are also acceptable in rap fashion.

The Extra Large Shirt

T-shirts are a staple in every rapper’s wardrobe. The ideal shirt is loose and large while sporting either a rapper icon or a sports team. Basketball is often the sport of choice for rap fashionwear. In fact, the US exports the most rap fashion brands. For this reason, the style is seen as iconically American.

Heavy Jewelry

Jewelry is a status symbol in the rap lifestyle, and in reality, it was a way to appear more imposing to gang members. Large heavy gold watches, bling chains, bulky pendants and statement rings are all ways to show off gang status as well as achievements. In this lifestyle, the heavier and bulkier the jewelry, the more respectable the individual. In fact, some even go as far as wearing grills or golden teeth. Get your bling on with a fake gold LED dollar sign necklace.

Branded Shoes

For the gangster-rapper appearance, wearing Vans or DC branded shoes is a requirement. The larger the sneaker tongues, the better! You will discover that the shoes themselves are low built while the tongues are prominent to the point of going above the trousers. Boot-high shoes are also a popular accessory for rappers.

Secret Backpack

It’s not a secret that those involved in the rapper style often do street art and tag buildings. For this reason, rappers will carry a large backpack to hide their spray paint and other art supplies.

Flat Visor Caps

Caps are yet another iconic addition to the rap wardrobe, and they must feature flat visors. Common brands are DC, New Era and LB. The caps themselves are allowed to be worn in many ways such as crooked, to the side or backwards.

The Special Walk

It’s not enough to dress like a rapper- you need to command respect with your gait. Use small steps and rock your upper body from side to side. This swagger is the ultimate status symbol with a casual demeanor!


Rappers are wearing glasses more and more for their added comical appeal and their fun designs. The right rapper can make even mundane glasses look sinister!