Victor Rosso — Cuban-born singer-songwriter now living in New-York — shares a video for his single ‘Part of You’! The track, grounded in hip-hop and R&B, features musical elements from diverse genres ranging from glo-fi Pop to chillwave electronic. The ever present motif of space is still alive. The song starts with twinkling synthesizer chords, reinforced by his vocals that soon take the center-stage. Victor delivers a chorus not unlike something you’d hear on a Frank Ocean track. The weary nature of his voice delivers his fatigue to the very core of the listener’s experience.

Victor Rosso started his music career soon after moving to New York performing in such renowned venues as B.B.King’s Blues Club and Blue Note NYC. In addition to performing at top festivals like the Havana World Jazz Music Festival (2020) and opening for such great bands as Interactivo and Havana de Primera, Victor has also dedicated his time producing for new upcoming artist around the country.

When asked about his track, Victor stated: ” ‘Part of You’ is the search for a new authentic and underground product as an artist. The song is a result of collaboration with Charly Poe, producer and founder of Yongolailan. ‘Part of You’ takes a tour of all our musical concerns from the time we were in high school to this present day. Charly and I were inspired to write music along the lines of artists such as: Thom Yorke, Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Jai Paul, James Blake, Kanye, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Toro and Moi, to name a few influences.”