aliensdontringdoorbells are landing…

A new three-piece called Aliensdontringdoorbells are planning to invade your playlists this summer with their single ‘Story’.

We are told a tale of a young boy who spends his days out with his parents in the sun and creates many warm memories. However, when he experiences human loss you start to empathise with the song’s protagonist.

Recorded in the Bahamas with a local rhythm section, ‘Story’ will remind listeners of Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) with its slick production and lyrics based on the human condition – life, death, love, happiness and sadness.

The lead vocal is pure radio-pop and in a similar vein to Kelly Jones of The Stereophonics and it is very easy on the ear – perfect to listen to on a summer’s evening. The musicianship is of a very high standard with crisp acoustic guitar and steady bass.

In conclusion, ‘Story’ is an exciting introduction to Aliensdontringdoorbells and whets your appetite for a full album – which has the potential to be out of this world!

You can watch the lyric video for ‘Story’ down below…