Audra Santa – “Naked” the first single off ‘The Boudoir Project’

“As I rediscovered my power after leaving an unhealthy marriage and life of pleasing others, I began writing The Boudoir Project EP, an expression of my sensuality and sexuality.

This began as a secret project, but I am now ready to share it with the world, beginning with my debut single, “Naked.”

This song is about wanting someone so badly that hearing their voice is almost enough. Having spent months letting desire and longing churn inside me and come out in song, this felt like the epitome of that expression.

The song’s music video that I self-produced, directed and edited, features me dripping in honey. This video was inspired by hyper-realistic provocative oil paintings of Hamilton-based artist, David Shepherd.

“Naked” is about how tangible sound can be when paired with desire. A lover’s voice can become their touch if you want it bad enough. But really, this desire is something we can meet inside of ourselves, and that’s what writing this project did for me.”