Bees Deluxe embrace a classic rock sound on the jazz-infused splendor of “Nitro”. With just the right mixture of jazz-rock fusion with a hint of the blues thrown in for good measure, the song is completely addictive with its infectious hook. Instrumentally vibrant the whole band listens to each other in a way that feels completely vivid and real. Vocals further emphasize this sort of ambling attitude. Never rushing things, they choose to take their time with a mellow, laid-back tempo that works wonders in creating a satisfyingly soothing mood. Drums have just the right kick to them courtesy of Poogie Bell’s work. Layers intermingle in a way reminiscent of similar jazz-fusion miners, specifically the gorgeous Ambulance LTD.


Not a moment is wasted for they dive right into the gorgeous sound. Every single flourish matters significantly while they craft an entire world. Lyricism has just the right level of playfulness to it while it feels nearly poetic in its beauty. Guitars have a funky element to them while they merge flawlessly with the bass work. The evolution of the groove further heightens the sense of purpose that the song presents. By choosing such a unique approach, they deliver a sound that defies easy categorization. What can be said is that the warm, inviting take proves that they are group that really avoids pigeonholing for a unique voice.

“Nitro” shows off the undeniable chops of Bees Deluxe in crafting a piece of work that feels so timeless.