Sycco shares “Dribble” via WILDER

Rising Australian singer/songwriter/producer Sycco, {pron. ‘psycho’}, today shares a punchy new single, “Dribble,” via WILDER (Future Classic and Tom Windish’s singles label).

“Dribble” marries vibrant indie-rock sensibilities and groove-tinged disco production with Sycco’s smokey neo-soul-leaning vocals. Lush in detail, irresistible, and with a bit of out-of-time charm, Sycco pulls each of these styles together with a wistful ease. Directed by Madeline Randall and Summer King, the “Dribble” music video compliments the track’s edge with its DIY aesthetic, threading together a series of fanciful shots that move from the sun-drenched and colorful to the surreal and off-kilter.