German DIY artist Lyn Conary releases her third Indie Rock album and ‘When We Look at Each Other’

Lyn Veritas Conary is a German DIY musician, writer and video creator who began her career as an artist in 2014. Her outstanding creativity and love for nature, arts and mystics have been with her all her life although she’s been on a different path for several years. Her music and poetry is mainly influenced by American, Skandinavian, Irish-Celtic, indigenous culture and German romanticism. All her work is SELFMADE, except camera work and audio mastering.

Lyn says, ‘Mystic was a real profession once, and I’d really like to bring that back to people through my art and music. There’s more to this world, we know it in our hearts, we see it in our dreams, we feel
a connection to each other, nature and the universe. It’s all real. Infinite.’