A Simple Guide to SEO Keyword Research

Ahead, an event that you need your business to develop and catch progressively natural organic search is a suitable need to move to the highest rank positions. Also, an incredible method to move elevated is to relate SEO useful strategies. The keyword volume may vary from country to country. Meaning if you are using a keyword related to search from people of Dubai for the business out there is in another country, then SEO Dubai must be of concern, and the SEO services in Dubai may play a role.

Now we must answer, what is keyword research?

Keyword research is the way towards discovering phrases and words that individuals use in web crawlers to upgrade content and rank in a good position on the first page.

As a bonus, researching keywords help you better understand your target audience. That’s because keyword research gives your insight into what customers are searching for and the exact words and phrases that they use.

Why is it necessary for SEO?

Discovering topics for writing content, outreaching emails, and promoting quality content are legitimately identified with keyword research. In this way, we mean to treat keyword research as the underlying advance in the campaign lead by SEO. As a reward, it becomes necessary for researching words that expected to aid you in comprehending your intended interest of the audience. That is because keywords give you an understanding of what clients are looking for and the specific phrases and words that they aim to search for.

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Use different ways and tools to improve the company’s performance on search engines. You are an individual contributor and have to study and decide the options.

How to do keyword research?

Well, you can manually look for keywords through many resources or use a tool to do so. It’s your choice of ease.

The resources for manual keyword research are:

  1. Table of Contents in Wikipedia
  2. “Searches Related To’ option in Google
  3. Discovering Keywords on Reddit
  4. Using suggest options of Google and YouTube
  5. Locating popular topics with the help of “Forums”.

The tools for keyword research are:

  1. The Google Keyword Planner
  2. ExplodingTopics.com
  3. Keywords Everywhere
  4. Uber suggest
  5. SEMrush
  6. Ahrefs

How do we decide on which is the right keyword? 

We know how to find it now but what about deciding on which one should you go for? You need to pick on this as no tools tell you which the good one for you is. How we may do it is by considering various factors.

  1. The volume of the search

Say suppose the keyword named “health consciousness” gets a higher volume of traffic in search engines. Similarly, the word “SEO” might get a lesser amount of traffic in search engines. It speaks about the amount of the search, which may vary from word to word. It is how one must check out for the words that have high volume related to your business to gain traffic.

  1. Organic CTR of the keyword 

Not just search volumes one must also prioritize organic click-through rate. Simply meaning the number of clicks you get being on the first page of Google search engine. There are possibilities that even though being on the first page, you may still not get the expected clicks that call for the tool that can help you to know the organic CTR for the keyword.

  1. The difficulty as a beginner 

If you are a beginner and do not have many links on your website, then start with words that have low competition time looking for the ones with high competition in the initial stage. It would help you to make your website authorized. Once it has reached this stage, concentrate on top competition words.

  1. Cost per click of the keyword 

It is the term that explains the cost of the keyword per click on any ad. Basically, some people are spending money for someone clicking that keyword on an ad. If a keyword doesn’t have high volume in the search engine and if it has a high cost per click, it is always better to choose this word as it may get you many clicks to your website.

  1. Trends in Keywords

It speaks a lot about the future interest of the keyword. Now if I use a word that has the least keyword volume in today’s market, and I see the potential of the term to have high volume in the future, then it’s still worthy of using this word as it may gain more traffic over some time. One can look for keyword trends by using a tool called Google trends.

Unique strategies!

  1. Supportive keywords

Say suppose you are selling a product in your business and what we do is, we use a keyword that is related to your business. If you think it may gain a lot of traction, then you are wrong as there also exits people who are not looking for the keyword that you have implemented and can still end up in buying your product or reading the content on your website. For example, if I am selling a product of ERP software, I wouldn’t use the keyword to be as ERP. Instead, I used the phrase, “The benefits of ERP” to gain traction. So it is important to use words apart from commercial intent.

  1. Search intent keyword

Not all the keywords used have the same intention. Users using a particular keyword can be for seeking information or looking for a website. It talks about the navigational keyword. The keyword has high CPC and a high volume of search but looks for navigation then it may not serve you if you have written information about the same instead if the keyword used is to seek information then this may benefit you. One must understand the intent of the user search keywords.

  1. Competitor Analysis

Some tools can help you in analyzing the keyword used in the competitor’s website. Keywords used by the competitors can also help you analyze, for what do they stand good, so that it may increase your chances of positioning in the Google search engine if your content optimized around that term.


The understanding of a subject can help you achieve the goal that you are looking for. Understanding the usage of keywords helps in optimizing your website to gain traction. I hope the above techniques or strategies may undoubtedly assist you to optimize the website quite nicely.