Autocomplete: All You Need To Know—Including Varieties and Benefits

Shortcuts are something most people love. They not only bring quicker results but also propels you to a better destination. Now, that’s what the autocomplete brings on the table. Equipped with special features that let you complete words as well as forms based on what you typed before, these features act as a shortcut to your search or input tasks. In a nutshell, autocomplete is a special feature that makes expressing information easy and speeds up the process of finding helpful results. From making web searches, adding contacts to emails, texting friends, and anything in between, autocomplete got you covered.  Here are key things you need to know about the autocomplete feature.

Autocomplete Varieties

Here are three types of autocomplete varieties:

Basic Autocomplete

On the surface, autocomplete can be defined as a search-as-you-type based function. The function is designed to give results based on what you type—usually the prefix. Some of the items on the autocomplete feature include location, directories, and contacts. The best thing with autocomplete is that it helps users way rely on mobile to search for information. Remember, typing on mobile phones and other small devices can be tedious. Plus, it’s difficult to achieve typing accuracy. But with autocomplete, you have a tool you can use on mobile devices.

Autocomplete Suggestions

Another variety of autocomplete is the “autocomplete suggestions”. This feature tends to predict your intentions. Even more, it helps you to conduct useful searches on your own. This is not only effective but also convenient. It plays a key role in information seeking.

Instant Results

In some instances, a user may opt for autocomplete actual based search results as opposed to reformatting his/her search phrase. Still more, it gives you access to dropdown search suggestions. For instance, Apple has a powerful autocomplete instant results that take you directly to its profit page. Ideal for known items, instant results can also give you more suggestions so that you can make an informed decision.

Autocomplete Benefits

Here are common types of autocomplete benefits:


Autocomplete saves time. Besides helping you write faster, using autocomplete helps you read suggestions before making a selection. Even more, it reduces your cognitive load.

Eliminates Typos

When doing online searches or writing emails, it’s easy to make typos. However, autocomplete is designed to eliminate typos. Plus, it helps you reduce the number of characters you have to type—which significantly reduces the errors. In fact, you can use this feature as a spell check function.

Reduces the Overall Cognitive Demand

Users don’t love thinking when it comes to making searches. They want automated searches. Plus, people prefer recognizing things rather than recalling them from their memories. With autocomplete, users are reassured that they are following the right track. It gives users references. In a nutshell, autocomplete gives you want’s available, how terms are spelled, and things users are searching for.

Better Results

Autocomplete gives better searches which translated to better results. This improves user experience.

The Bottom-Line

Shortcuts make life easy. It makes tasks faster. It eliminates time wastage. It gives customers a superior search experience. And that’s where autocomplete comes in. Designed to give you quick access to information, autocomplete has so much to offer. The above guide will help you understand all things autocomplete feature. Visit our website, view prices, and find out how we can help you with autocomplete services. We’ll inject more life into your online presence.