Anna Bea New Single ‘Bleeding Heart’

Anna Bea is a 20 year old singer-songwriter who has just released her debut single ‘Bleeding Heart’. She blends Carly Simon vocals with FINNEAS and Maroon 5 style productions, taking lyrical inspiration from artists such as Sara Bareilles and Billy Joel. Anna Bea has been singing since she was 11 years old, but it was only when she picked up the guitar at 15 that her song-writing journey began and she hasn’t looked back.

Working with top writers, producers and mixers such as Jessica Sharman (Ward Thomas) and Brad Mair (Kygo), Anna Bea is currently promoting her new single ‘Bleeding Heart’, the first song of 4 in her upcoming EP, out in October. Not letting the current restrictions get in the way of the world hearing her music, Anna Bea is doing multiple live stream gigs, zoom radio interviews all over the UK, and hopes that her songs will be almost as fiery as her red hair!


‘This song is about a toxic relationship – that moment when you want to leave but your innate fear of being alone draws you back into a destructive love. I wrote this song a year and a half ago, inspired after watching ‘Big Little Lies’ and a portion of the proceeds are going to WomensAid charity helping women and children vulnerable to domestic abuse’. – Anna Bea