What Everyone Must Know About ELDERLY HOME CARE

If there’s one thing that we can never control is time. Aging is something we can’t avoid, and it is better to be prepared for it. As we grow older, we often become more stubborn and hard to deal with. Our health gradually worsens, and we become weaker, so there’s a need for someone younger to take care and help us out instead. Elderly home care service provided by the River Garden Home Care is one of the best options for private home care. Often older people tend to be very attached to their homes, so for many of them moving to a care home might be uncomfortable and even scary. Thus, private home care is the best alternative. There are certain things that everyone should know about it.

Cost consideration

It is crucial to consider the cost both related to the home itself where the elderly person lives as well as the provided care services. Many people might not know, but one should be very specific about the type of care service they want to choose. Healthcare, companionship, transportation, helping to dress, bathe, dementia, and many other things should be taken into consideration. All those things cost money. Obviously, one wants to refer to professional advice.

Additionally, the home itself, where the elderly person lives, should be accommodated accordingly. If the caretaker lives in the house, he/she will need a space and accommodation specifically for him/her, which can also be costly. However, that doesn’t mean much; it will probably take only a little part of the house. The final important aspect is that the needs of the elderly people change quickly with time, so the services provided must be changed accordingly. The chosen care company should monitor the process very carefully and adjust to the changes. This means if the elderly person needs full-time care service or additional physical support, the cost will be higher.

Privacy vs. connection

Generally, in the medical field, it is vital for doctors to be professional and not get too personal with patients. The same is in the case of private home care. The caretaker spends a lot of time with the elderly person. They laugh and talk, so they develop a special connection. There should be mutual trust between the two. However, the caretaker should still stay professional and make sure not to intervene when medical decisions are discussed and made by the patient’s relatives. Another thing worth mentioning is that as mentioned, elderly people can be a bit moody, and sometimes it can lead to abuse towards the caretaker or a conflict. It is important to report those incidents, take appropriate measures in order to avoid further complications.


It is also important that the home of the elderly person is near the private home care service company. Since elderly people, especially those in need of care, may need professional medical care at any time. It would be best if the chosen care service is close to the house. The caretaker can get additional help from the company. It would be especially best if there is a hospital nearby in case of an extreme emergency.

The River Garden Care specializes in in-home care services for elderly people. The company is based in Bromley, UK. The team and the specialists also live in and around the town, thus providing services locally. The company ensures that the needs of the elderly people are of the best concern and should be satisfied according to the highest standards. The proof is regulations by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as well as the 40 years of experience and professional commitment.