Songs From Indoors Present two volume Compilation

When the world comes to a screeching halt, what do artists do? We Create. The world needs more art.

The beginning of this year saw us all being blindsided with one of the worst pandemics of our lifetime. Many lost jobs, some even lost loved ones. While being stuck in isolation at home, many musicians began to cope and document what they were feeling and experiencing. Musicians Shaun Fox of Dear Kavalier and Caffeinated Mammal out of Hickory, NC, and Matthew Schwartz of Pacifico and Pacifirecords out of Atlanta, GA saw this influx of creativity and felt compelled to join forces. Together, they decided to share this raw emotion and ingenuity by putting out a blind call for home recordings made during the pandemic. The response was huge. What was once going to be one compilation quickly became two. Songs From Indoors Volume One and Volume Two were born. This compilation series features 29 songs by 29 musicians, spanning 14 states and 3 countries, and touching on possibly every genre possible. Some recordings less polished, others more professional; some songs personal, touching on the bleak matters at hand, others reaching for lighter fare, helping us escape. The Songs From Indoors compilation will be available on all streaming platforms and as a free download on Bandcamp. Volume One landing July 10, 2020 and Volume Two just two weeks later on July 24, 2020. This album is completely FREE. We are only concerned with sharing the beauty and comfort music can give during these hard times. If for some reason we accumulate any money on this project 100% of those proceeds will go to organizations helping others during this global pandemic.


Volume One:

Volume Two: