“Sexy Talk” from Russian singer Mo_Ve – Electro Pop Anthem Acclaimed Russian Singer

Russian electronic pop sensation Mo_Ve creates stunning emotive releases with purpose. The singer’s love for music and creation started at just six years old. Influenced by her father’s love for western culture and Jazz music, a young Olga Move aka Mo_Ve created a 10 piece band in Moscow that soon performed over 800 concerts. Since then, the Jazz outfit has performed worldwide to millions, playing headlining tours in China and has even played on national TV.

Inspired by her love of pop music, Olga decided to create a new project entitled Mo_Ve. Unleashing her debut single “Sexy Talk” in the summer of 2020, the track highlights sultry smoky vocals, catchy hooks and synth electronic soundscapes. “Sexy Talk” is inspired by her own love story. Mo_Ve confides, “It was a distant relationship, I’m from Russia, he is from Germany and we first met in Dubai. It was a crazy passionate and unique connection, I had never felt before. Only one thing that we had after our first meeting was chat and our sexy talk.” Mo_Ve inspires others with “Sexy Talk” to hold on to true love, despite the obstacles a couple might face.

DSP – https://open.spotify.com/track/1r1PxbiZaNSxZjixbQA8wX