Matthew L Farris Father’s Day Release ‘Some Kind of Wonderful (feat JP and Mark Hitchen)’

Everyone’s looking tirelessly for something. For most people, they’re just trying to find some kind of wonderful…..

Matthew L. Farris and his band, Time to Breathe, is an anomaly. A remote group created during the Covid-19 pandemic, the group consists of only two named members –

Matthew L. Farris and Mark Hitchen – and a rotating, eclectic variety of anonymous musicians from their respective networks.

Matthew, a hip-hop artist/songwriter from Chicago and Mark, a singer/multi-instrumentalist from the UK, connected on social media for a quick collaboration that was set for Matthew’s next release. Unexpectedly, due to the collaborative chemistry, that turned into a full blown EP.

The lead single, “Some Kind of Wonderful” is a genre crossover that’s reflective of the times. With emotionally driven wordplay woven around intense guitar riffs and a soft backing track, it’s reminiscent of the rap/rock styles popularized over a decade ago, but with a modern twist. From the beginning, lyrics like “It’s hard to remember that we’re blessed when we’re tethered by the stress and just weathering the rest…” make it clear that this song was written for anyone that’s trying to find a balance and looking for a little more happiness.


The chorus and spoken-word refrain are welcome reprieves before the second verse dives back into the angst, with easily relatable bars like “Why do I feel so empty/ Why do I feel like everyone’s against me” and “it’s like I got a car with the headlights broke and here I go trying to steer in the dark”.