Jude Gwynaire Releases A Classic With ‘Super Skull Music’

Jude Gwynaire embraces a big beat attitude on the powerful “Super Skull Music”. Capturing the energy of the dance floor with such tremendous ease, the layered patterns work wonders. The music harkens back to 90s dance and trance pop. So cheery, the sense of optimism that permeates these tracks makes them a tremendous joy to behold. Virtually demanding to be played as loudly as possible everything about them feels celebratory. A tremendous palette to draw from, elements of acid techno, space rock, and pop filters into the fray. During some of the best moments, he touches upon the freewheeling rock-orientated work of groups like the Chemical Brothers.

DSP – https://open.spotify.com/album/0C7dUrGLAtgpPdxm7JDQSv

A chilled-out groove sets the tone for the album with “Beyond Echo Park”. The psychedelic mantra of “Sunshine Super Car” has a joyous disposition with beats that simply don’t quit. Going for a distinctly tropical flavor is the potency of “Island of the Alchemist” complete with tactile percussion thrown in for good measure. On “West Coast” things slow down considerably featuring a mellow rhythm that seems to be half-dreamed. Quite soothing with its scope is the atmospheric “Magic Lanterns” where the sound wafts up into the sky. Pure celebration reigns supreme over the powerful title track “Super Skull Music”. Folksy origins glide on through the airy “Shores of Naxos”. Gentle “Jenny Lighthouse (Fire Island Girl)” has an angelic hue. By far the highlight of the album comes from the sprawling ambitious scope of the finale “Axe Over Frisco”.

Drenched in an unbelievable amount of sunlight, Jude Gwynaire’s “Super Skull Music” is a blissful trip.