Ilja Alexander is back with his latest single “Butterfly”

How does one capture the sound that nature makes? Is it fast? Is it slow? Its both. Ilja Alexander is back with his latest single Butterfly from his cathartic album, Nature. Spellbinding and rhythmically ornate, Butterfly casts a wide net for fans of pop music, EDM and even instrumental genres to capture a lightning bug of energy. Sit back, relax and wander around the wonderful world that only an artist like London-based singer and songwriter Alexander can construct.

Alexander, who is originally from Amsterdam, has built an impressive fan base since 2017. While he studied piano as a youngster, hes applied the beauty and melodic tones from the keys into the more electric foundation in his music. His discography, celebrated widely in Japan, Indonesia and Asia, is centered around his earnest efforts to give his listeners a chance to connect music to their soul.


Butterfly ascends when Alexander sings the chorus do you know what Ive been hiding from, do you know whats on my mind, do you know what Ive been hiding from, do you know whats on my mind, he sings with such enchantment and compassion. The listener is caught in the storyline of a wild field in their purview, a nursery of butterflies all a flutter, or even just one lone butterfly perched on a goldenrod. Alexanders music bed gurgles, boggling the listener into an attentive dream. His voice, so delicate and clear as diamonds, has a slight accent. A heavy glow at the end of the kites tail. Alexander sings with love and empathy for the environment. The backing vocals, a speck of sound compared to Alexanders stoicism, sound like hummingbirds vying for real estate on the goldenrods pedals.

The beat and rhythm is timed so that the listener feels like they are on a walk, but not so slow they cant break out into a few shoulder shakes. Alexanders strength is not only his vocal prowess, but the music arrangements symmetry in fast and slow. Hes mindful of the EDM crowd, but never neglects his pop or new age fans. His whirlpool of sounds is all-the-more welcoming and an expansion of his artistry.


If Butterfly were a time of day, I think it would be late morning. Coffee has been poured, maybe its even the third cup. The sun is out and the temperature is starting to warm the air. Things are clearer, the timing is right to press pause on all things until the camera catches this butterfly in mid-flight. Alexander gives us another shot, another lens to look through to see what this insect can teach us about our own life, and our own existence. I didnt see you coming, Alexander sings, his statement giving credence that we dont always take the time to stop and smell the roses. Were running around like Tasmanian Devils most days and the mere act of watching a butterfly seems surreal. Alexanders whimsical song is that reminder to take the time, a calendar alarm to seek out the light.

Gwen Waggoner