5 Mechanical Watches You Can Gift For The New Graduate In Your Life

In this article, we’ve collated four of the best budget-friendly mechanical watches that you can buy to gift for new graduates. Graduation is a momentous occasion in life, and it should be celebrated accordingly. So if you’re looking for a gift idea, look no further than these mechanical timepieces:

Hamilton Jazzmaster

Hamilton is quite a popular brand among Swiss-made watch fans because the company does not only manufacture excellent mechanical watches; their timepieces are also not exorbitantly priced. Compared to its contemporaries, the Hamilton Jazzmaster, for example, can be had for a minimum of $500. Some even lower than that if you know where to look.

But when you are shopping for someone quite special, get the Jazzmaster Auto Chrono. It’s the most advanced of the model’s variations, with a chronograph complication and an in-house caliber movement named H-21. The movement has a power reserve of 60-hours, which surpasses the standard of 45.

Seiko Sports 5

Seiko may have been the company that made quartz movement mainstream, but at its heart is the love for innovation, even with mechanical movements. Watch enthusiasts have long deemed the Sports 5 line from Seiko as gateway models for a mechanical watch obsession, not only because they’re drop-dead gorgeous watches, they’re also priced reasonably!

So when you’re looking for the perfect watch to gift, look out for the Sport 5 line from the brand. With a recent refresh, the line is now divided into five different collections: Sense, Street, Style, Suits, and Specialists. The watches maintain the classic styling from the brand, with an updated, streamlined aesthetics.

Junghans Maxbill Chronoscope

Let’s get this out there: the Maxbill Chronoscope is a stunning watch. The Bauhaus-style dial, the curved sapphire, and the overall vintage feel of this chronograph watch are one for the ages. German watchmaker Junghans really hit the nail on the head with this model – both inside and outside.

What you get is an automatic watch with a chronograph complication, a Junghans caliber movement, and Valjoux 7750. There are hand-wound versions from the line, but the standard ones are at 40mm. It doesn’t wear small on the wrist, so if you’re worried about it looking small, don’t be.

Tissot Powermatic Ballade

If you want to get the new graduate in your life a really classic Swiss-made watch, go for the Tissot Powermatic Ballade. You can never go more classic with this watch. Tissot is ahead of the game when it comes to promoting its watches, choosing a style of easy accessibility over exclusivity.

Looks-wise, the Powermatic Ballade is as luxurious as a watch can get. You get a watch with quality materials – sapphire crystal, automatic movement, iconic dial, stainless steel, and supple leather.  It has a 50m of water resistance and is versatile enough to be worn with anything.

Seven Friday T3/01

If you are looking for something more out there in terms of aesthetics, the T3/01 from Seven Friday should sort you out. While the company is still a baby when it terms to heritage and longevity, its modern and chic approach to creating quality timepieces have proven effective in this social media-driven world.

The T3/01 boasts of an automatic skeleton movement, a mineral glass cover, and an interesting dial. The styling in this timepiece skews towards retro, with a funky dial shape, with throwback colors.


These watches are great graduation gift ideas because not only are you going to give the special person in your life something that he can use for the rest of his life, it’s also non-specific enough to be gifted to any degree. So look out for these models now, both online and in your nearest watch store.