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New Release from Looters :”Right At Home” Weigh The Anchor

Weigh The Anchor is an emerging band from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The band released their debut in 2017. Since then, the band has continued to tour and play shows. The band has garnered well over 450,000 streams on Spotify and has played alongside bands such as Seaway, Belmont, Bearings, Calling All Captains and more.

With new music that reflects the changes the band have undergone through the past few years, the band is looking to take the 2020 music scene by storm. Despite their impressive growth, Weigh The Anchor’s success is not about past accomplishments, it’s about what’s yet to come

Rise Rock n’ Shine Presents: Let It All Out with Weigh The Anchor’s “Medicate”


When CARLY PEARCE shares vulnerability and heart, people connect. Her PLATINUM-certified “Every Little Thing’s” ascent designated the Kentucky native as one of only four solo female debuts to chart at No. 1 since 2015. This week, the GOLD-certified “I Hope You’re Happy Now,” marks her second No. 1 single on both Mediabase Country Aircheck and Billboard Country charts, following the peak position in Canada. The LEE BRICE duet was released jointly via Big Machine Records & Curb Records and has surpassed 207 million global streams as critics praise the pair.

Jenny Dee’s live music video for her single “Wolves”

Singer-songwriter Jenny Dee released a live music video for her single “Wolves” from her sentimental debut album, Dancing from a Distance. Produced by Copeland’s Aaron Marsh, the album exudes honesty and vulnerability, akin to records like Bon Iver’s For Emma Forever Ago and Phoebe Bridgers’ Stranger in the Alps.

Swiss alternative/psych-rock power-trio Dirty Sound Magnet recorded a brand new album expected in 2021

in these strange and difficult times, some bands are still working hard on new songs. Dirty Sound Magnet is one of them. So, only six months after the official release of ‘Transgenic’ (2019, Hummus Records), the three Swiss alternative/rock/psych weirdos just recorded a brand new album, expected in 2021 while their new music video illustrating the single “Organic Sacrifice” is still available on YouTube.

ODDKO Releases Mad Max Themed “D4TM”1 Video

“‘D4TM’ was shot in September 2019, and ironically it seems to have become more relevant in our ‘post-COVID’ world,” Bucci says. “‘D4TM’ highlights the notion that many are dependent on pharmaceuticals to function, often over-medicated and just left to their own devices. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis we are bombarded with fear, putting many at risk to fall deeper into despair and turn to mind/mood altering drugs. With every passing day we take another step further into what eerily resembles the apocalyptic dystopian sci-fi world we see in movies. Perhaps, like in the video, the next step will be for us all to be microchipped and controlled? On the positive side, much of the world is now waking up and we have the opportunity to make decisions that are better for our own and our planet’s future.”

ODDKO Releases Mad Max Themed “D4TM” Video

LA-based indie pop/r&b act Rituals of Mine share new song “The Only Way Out Is Through”

Rituals of Mine is the emotionally dense electronic recording project of Los Angeles-based songwriter Terra Lopez and live percussionist Adam Pierce. Inspired by ’90s trip-hop, footwork, and downtempo R&B, Rituals of Mine has crafted a uniquely heavy sound that fuels its cathartic and uplifting performances. For the past decade that Lopez has been actively crafting music, multimedia art, and poetry, she has always seen her creative output as a necessary therapy. What began as a notebook of poems Lopez kept during her youth in South Sacramento, has evolved into a lush and genre-defying body of work.

“Take It Out On Me” by Alex Runions

Canadian country artist Alex Runions is pleased to introduce his recently released digital single release, “Take It Out On Me”, which will go to Canadian country radio on July 6th.

Heather Mae and Crys Matthews’s new single “6 Feet Apart”

The two are joining forces once again to VIRTUALLY spread their message of social-justice, hope and love from coast to coast as The Singing OUT Tour, a celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride! During this difficult time of social distancing, it is imperative that LGBTQ+ people and our allies gather to lift one another up and bask in the power and beauty of our resilient community! We may not be able to physically gather, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate our stories and our people. We don’t give up – we adapt!


Today Terrell Hines releases the song and video for “St Mark Rd.”. He will release additional subsequent tracks in the next weeks, leading up to the August 7 Mixtape release Portal One: The Mixtape. There will be a visual component for all tracks included on the mixtape. While in quarantine he’s shooting his own videos via a green screen and ingenuity.

Terrell Hines releases his debut mixtape on Capitol Records August 7. He’s incredible, an artisit’s artist featured on the title track of Beck’s latest “Hyperspace” and a songwriter, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and producer with influences as broad as Outkast, Joy Division, Four Tet, Migos, Kendrick and more. The Berklee College of Music gave Hines a full ride, and people’s first exposure to his music was chosen to be used in the 2019 Apple keynote. Without releasing an album or touring in the U.S. yet, he’s amassed more than 2 million streams.

Terrell Hines Releases “St. Mark Rd.”

Hendrix Harris enlists Cuban superstar Cimafunk & Barbaro Vargas for “Caliente En El Frio”

‘Caliente En El Frio’ see’s fast rising talent Hendrix Harris link up with two of Cuba’s most exciting and boundary pushing artists. Following on from the release of his debut EP “Falcon” earlier this year, Hendrix enlists Cuban superstar Cimafunk, who Billboard described as “Cuba’s 2018 revelation of the year”, alongside rising Latin rapper Barbaro ‘El Urbano’ Vargas.

Marie-Clo drops colourful new indie pop track “Animals Eating People” off the new EP

Marie-Clo’s first English EP – Shell(e) Pt. I (out now) – speaks of strange times as a hockey wife, reconnecting with womanhood & behaviours that permeate sexism. Especially creative during darkness that accompanied her PCOS/endo diagnosis, Marie-Clo’s textured indie-pop-electro immerse us in a somber yet incandescent space.


Last Friday, Charleston-based indie rock band Dead Swells announced their debut S/T album, releasing lead single “Out of the Window”. The track is a groovy, synth heavy love song, about how a lover can help you throw your insecurities out of the window. The first half is filled with that sentiment and idyllic “lovey doveyness,” but halfway through, the tone shifts. That carefree, in-love vibe changes to something darker. The music mirrors the swirling insecurities that can occur in relationships, that looming feeling that whenever things are going well, there is always something around the corner to change everything. Dead Swells debut album is due out August 7th via Artist Formula Record Group.

Zu The Great- ‘Evening News’ (Official Music Video)

From the upcoming Dope Fiction EP, a high energy, hard- hitting track mixed with a lot of bounce will indeed produce you a track like Enter The Area. Featuring OnPlanetZu who is a popular dubstep rap artist from Los Angeles who has performed with heavyweights such as none other than the late great Prince, as well as Skrillex, Fishbone and even the Grammy’s Official after-party.

Ocean Alley Share Spicy Take On Iso-Cooking

Australian masters of groove Ocean Alley have shared their own spicy take on iso-cooking tutorials, with inspiration from their recent single “Hot Chicken”. The deep fried clip comes ahead of their third album Lonely Diamond which gets released worldwide this Friday, June 19, 2020, nabbing the highly-coveted triple j “Feature Album” this week.