As we are all well aware now, holidays in 2020 will be much different than we are used to. As the pandemic of COVID-19 outbreak finally seems to be under control in most of the countries and travel restrictions are slowly being lifted througout the world, many are starting to think about their holidays and booking their holiday apartments or villas in Croatia again. There has been many discussions and recommendations on how to pick an ideal accommodation after the pandemic, however, the other important thing to consider is what to do once you arrive in your destination. This article will provide the insights into what kind of activities will be available to travellers who arrive in Croatia after coronavirus pandemic and what will these activities look like, considering the latest updates and recommendations of the epidemiologists and Croatian Institute of Public Health.

Spending time outdoors and in nature has been underlined as a preferable option by many health specialists, which is why visiting one of Croatia’s many national parks can be recommended as an interesting choice for a day trip. National parks in Croatia are reopened for visitors since May 11 and many of them have already had some previous measures in place in order to secure that the maximum number of visitors inside the park does not exceed a certain number. These measures will be convenient for visitors arriving after coronavirus pandemic since there will be less crowds and physical distances between visitors can be kept. Travellers who do not arrive with their cars might feel safer choosing tours which go with smaller groups instead of those going with large buses. Another great option might be to book a private tour just for your group.

Indoor activities and attractions will also comply with the latest guidelines and instructions of epidemiologists. Museums, galleries and other indoor tourist attractions have also already been reopened for public with certain safety measures in place to minimize the risk of exposure. The number of visitors allowed in the area at the same time is also limited to a certain number in order to prevent crowds, disinfectants are available on the entrances and it is recommended that the visitors wear masks and gloves while inside. Many museums and sights also offer the possibility of purchasing tickets online in order to avoid queues.

Caffes and restaurants in Croatia have also been reopened since the beginning of May, providing that the tables are disinfected after each group and kept at distance of 1,5 m between each other.

Taxi and transfer services are already functional and must comply to the recommendations of the Institute of Public Health. Current recommendations include that 1 seat is left empty between each passenger and that the vehicles are disinfected after each group. Similar measures are applied to boat transfers and excursions. It might also be recommendable for those who want to spend their time at the sea to rent a boat for a private tour just for their group in order to minimize the exposure. Those who posses valid boat driving licences can also rent a boat and explore the beauties of the Adriatic coast by themselves.

For those who are looking forward to spending their time on the beaches in Croatia, there will also be slight adjustments in order to provide safety and minimize the risks of spreading COVID-19. The latest recommendations of Croatian epidemiologists suggest that there has to be a distance of 2 m from each group on the beach. Luckily, Croatia has many beautiful beaches throughout the coast which will allow you to find your spot and enjoy in the sea while still being at a safe distance from everyone else.

Even though our holidays in Croatia will look a bit different this year from what we are used to, there are still ways to experience all the attractions and sights while following the recommended safety measures at the same time. We at Eos Travel Agency will do our best to make sure that you get the best out of your holiday in Croatia during these extraordinary circumstances. We hope we managed to help you with our recommendations and updates about travelling to Croatia after COVID-19. Stay healthy and we hope to see you soon!