Song Review: “Public Cynic” by Slow Burning Car

Slow Burning Car has released the song “Public Cynic,” a song that should please hard rock fans. Listeners of songs with in-depth and timely lyrics should also give “Public Cynic” a try.

It starts with a clip of an audience cheering, followed by the lead singer yelling, addressing “my fellow citizens.” This is an interesting way to start a song, making the listener wonder how the instrumentation and vocal melodies will be.


If listeners can’t figure out the meaning of the song through first verse lyrics such as “Committed to the cause” and “Disrupt what is the norm,” they will be able to figure it out by the chorus. This includes many lines, and calls a “public cynic” someone who “won’t retract, won’t resist, won’t walk it back,” as well as someone who “always reads between the lines”. This can act as a protest song, energizing people to fight for their cause. There are also timely references to the COVID-19 outbreak, such as nods to social distancing and quarantining.

The production of the song is top-notch, utilizing a multi-speaker setup. When listening through headphones, listeners will hear background vocals cutting in and out of both ears, as well as a distinct mix in the instrumentation. This includes the heavy usage of the electric guitar, setting a sound that best accompanies the lyrics.