Song Review: “Love Somebody” by The Catalina

The Catalina will release the song “Love Somebody” as a single on July 3rd, 2020. It will also appear on their upcoming EP of the same name. The band is smart to name the EP after the song, which is a powerful soft rock anthem.

When watching the music video, the first thing that will be apparently is the song name and the band name. This is a great way to introduce new listeners to the band, as is having most of the video be them performing on stage.

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“Love Somebody” is a romantic song about a guy who sees this girl on the Fourth of July and instantly falls in love. The lyrics in the chorus prove this: “I just want to love somebody/I just want to dance the night away/I just want to hold somebody/I think about her every night and day.” With the song continuing to describe how much the narrator is in love with this mystery girl, listeners are left hanging wondering if the two will meet again. While there is no way to know for sure, it could be possible that The Catalina is saving this resolution for another song off the EP.

There is a guitar solo after the second chorus, and it has more of a pop sound than the traditional hard rock sound. This is wise, as it fits the melody and other instrumentation appropriately.