Tips for Taming Your Quarantine-Induced Stress

Does quarantine have you feeling restless and stressed? Are you tired of having to stay inside and worried about what the future will look like? You might even be looking for ways to prevent yourself from spiraling into a panic attack.

If these things are true, you’re not alone. Whether you want to try a CBD flower or other hemp plant product to relax, treat yourself to an Agape simulated diamond, or channel your pent up energy into exercise, we have some tips for you!

Reduce your anxiety with hemp flower.

If you are looking for an easy means to reduce your anxiety and relax, look no further. Plain Jane’s hemp flower selection might just be what you are looking for. With over 20 strains of hemp flowers, Plain Jane offers the best hemp flower on the market, among other CBD products, that are entirely sustainable and chemical-free.

So what exactly is a hemp flower? A CBD hemp flower comes from the hemp plant that you can either smoke whole or grind and add to a joint. CBD flowers are THC-free, offering you positive effects such as being relaxed and joyful without the hallucinogenic effects of cannabis. From Plain Jane’s CBD flower products, you can choose from a variety of CBD-rich strains, including Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, and Suver Haze.

New users should try lower doses (measured in grams) of CBD to find the perfect amount for them. Seek a doctor’s advice before investing in any CBD or hemp-related purchases, especially if you use prescription medications. It is always better to be safe when trying something new.

Go on an online shopping spree.

Sometimes the best way to reduce your stress is to treat yourself. With retail shops and jewelry stores being closed at the moment, online stores are the next best thing. For online shoppers looking for something that is timeless and sustainable, a timeless piece of jewelry might be the answer. With sustainable alternatives like natural diamonds and synthetic diamonds, you can still get the classic look without worrying about the potential implications of a real diamond.

Agape Diamonds is one of the best companies that offers diamonds and gorgeous diamond alternatives. The business pours love into their artisanal, an intricately crafted jewelry line that uses white gold and diamond alternatives such as simulated diamonds, lab diamonds, and natural diamonds that are ethically and sustainably sourced. Whether you are looking for high quality, conflict-free diamond ring, or earrings made from lab diamonds, Agape Diamonds has them all.

Read Agape Diamond reviews or contact customer service with any questions you may have so they can help you select your one-of-a-kind jewelry complete with the synthetic diamonds that are right for you! The good news is that free returns guarantee the risk will be worth taking.

Meditate—or at least remember to breathe!

Meditation is a varied activity that involves everything from practicing mindfulness to focusing on your breathing. In a time of uncertainty, taking at least five minutes a day to sit and check in with yourself and quiet the mind can be highly effective. First, find the right place to set up for your meditation. Then, begin your practice. Whether you sink into a silent, focused meditation, observe your thoughts and actively release stress, or simply breathe for a few minutes, meditative activities can be a great experience that does wonders for reducing your stress.

Exercise (and try to get outside).

Sitting at home during quarantine might have you feeling cooped up. Staying active can be a great way to release stress and contribute to your overall well-being. Whether you do yoga or fitness routines at home or have easy access to a park, which is a great place for walks or runs, any sort of exercise can benefit you both mentally and physically, allowing you to release stress and relax.

Explore a new hobby or skill.

With more time on our hands now more than ever, it can be easy to become consumed with checking social media and the news incessantly. Try and limit your exposure to those outlets and redirect your attention to learning a new skill or exploring a new hobby. Whether you are learning a new language, cooking new recipes, or painting, having something productive to do that engages you mentally and/or physically can be a great outlet to direct your attention to and help ease your stress about quarantine!