Types of Custom Magnets for Industrial Use

Magnets are objects with magnetic material. This material contains two poles that attract or repel each other. This magnetic field can serve as a decoration or finds its function in another application. Also, every product or prototype requires a permanent magnet with unique geometry, magnetization, and composition properties.

Following are the some types of magnets for Industrial purposes which you can get from custom neodymium magnets:

Permanent block magnets

Permanent block magnets are mounted above or behind a transport. Depending on the arrangement and product height, we can opt for neodymium or a ferrite block magnet.

Head roller magnets

Magnetic head roller magnets are placed on the end of the conveyor belt. This system eliminates iron particles from a product and takes them to the bottom of the conveyor until the distance between the head roller magnet and the conveyor becomes too great.

Drum magnets

With a drum magnet, you have the great advantage that the contaminants are removed from the product transport. In addition, they can handle enormous capacities. Drum magnets can be built-in with or without housing, this is product dependent.

Ferrite Magnets

Ferrite magnets are less effective than neodymium magnets, but they have exceptionally diverse characteristics! In case the magnets ought to be resistant to high temperatures inside your application, ferrite is the solution. Neodymium magnets keep up their quality up to 80 ° C where ferrite magnets up to 200 ° C hold their malleable quality. Also outside, ferrite magnets will be more resistant to the components as they don’t erode as neodymium magnets do in a sticky environment.

Pot Magnets

Pot magnets can comprise of neodymium or ferrite. Both, of course, with their own characteristics. A pot magnet may be a bare lasting magnet that’s encased. As a result, the force of the magnet has been brought in 1 direction, namely, the side that’s not enveloped will have a really solid attraction. By determining the center of a magnet by a pot, the magnet does not become more effective but does increase the attractive field.

Overband magnets

The Overband Magnet is placed above or behind the conveyor belt, captures, and drains the iron parts. You can mount them across the belt or in line with the conveyor belt.

Terrain cleaners

Terrain cleaners can come in different shapes or be built on different transport vehicles. We are happy to visit you to discuss the possibilities.

Magnetic sheet separators

Sheet separators have the ability to separate a stack of steel plates from each other so that the plates can be easily removed from the stack manually or automatically. The magnetic system is constructed in such a way that a magnetic field is introduced into the stack, the plates receive a magnetic pole so that the equivalent poles push the plate upwards.


Electromagnets generally consist of a core of (Ferro) magnetic material, for example, soft iron, around which a coil is wound. As long as an electric current flows through the coil, the core is magnetic. A magnetic field is generated around a conductive wire through which an electric current flows.