Selci Unveils Lyric Video for Blissful Title Track “A Soft Place”

On “A Soft Place,” the whimsical title track from Selci’s forthcoming A SOFT PLACE EP postponed to July 28, the Calgary alt-pop artist offers an emotional balm to the outside world.

Marked by dreamy atmospherics, every chiming key soothes like a peaceful drift through pastel-coloured clouds. Buried under the bliss are frenetic dance beats that set the tone for you to get lost and move at your most unleashed.

“I wanted to craft something to tune out the noise and bask in catharsis, where I could fall into the couch and be comfortable, dance the pain away, laugh with friends, or look at myself in the mirror and love who I am,” Selci said. “This song and this album are about creating places that feel soft. For me, this album helped shift my self-talk to engage in things that make me feel good.”

Co-produced by a handful of producers including Vancouver’s Neighbour and Selci herself, A SOFT PLACE experiments with dance and R&B in a maze of escapism. Selci manifests softness and tranquility as a tool to cope with the anxieties of the world, while highlighting her recent devotion to dance music as a means of reverie.

If Selci’s debut EP, Effervescence, was a passageway into the mind of an artist finding her voice as a producer, A SOFT PLACE offers a wider view of her palette. A collision of minimal electronics and euphoric house music thumps that move beyond her alternative pop influences, this one will thrive in the chill out room.