Matias Poro tells his haters to back off via ‘F@ck Off’

The 21yo indie artist from Miami, FL is dedicating his newest release to his haters and doubters, to all of those that put him down and to all of those that said that he’d never be anything. The two-song micro-mixtape showcases Poro’s anger after feeling used in a friend/business relationship he had for years on the song Nothing, stating that without his hard work, this person would have nothing to show for. While on Lucky Motherfucker Poro partners up with two of his good friends to talk about the misleading perception that people have when looking at them.

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LM is about people thinking that everything you have has come on a silver platter to you, while in reality, it has all come to fruition thanks to the hard and endless work done behind the scenes. Lucky Motherfucker was written on the legendary Abbey Road Studios while on a business trip Matias Poro took in July 2019.