How to Replace the Kitchen Faucet?

Installing a new faucet is one of the excellent ways to give your kitchen the best and fresh look. There are different faucets available in the market, which are stylish and deliver a modern and unique look. You can install matte black pull down kitchen faucet to give your kitchen an elegant look. In this article, we will tell you how you can replace the kitchen faucet.

So, let us begin with this step by step guide on how to replace the kitchen faucet.

  • Tools Required
  • Screwdriver (4-in-1)
  • Scissors
  • Wrench (adjustable)
  • Basin wrench
  • Plumber’s putty

Step # 1

Disconnect the water supply and shut off the water. To install the new faucet, you must remove the older one. Remove the old faucet, and it will expose the holes in the sink. Use scissors to cut the old sprayer line attached to the old faucet.

Use an adjustable wrench to lose the water supply lines, both hot and cold. Now, unscrew the water lines from the old kitchen faucet. Once you unscrew the faucet, you would need a bucket to catch the running water.

Step # 2

Unscrew and remove the old kitchen faucet. If your older kitchen faucet has the sprayer attachment, you will need to unscrew and take off the plastic unit.

Step # 3

After removing the older faucet, now it is time to replace the kitchen faucet. Unscrew the soap dispenser. After that, apply putty around the boundaries and put it into the hole that far away from the center.

Apply lots of plumber putty to underside of the escutcheon cover, and then place it over the three center holes of the kitchen sink. Fit the faucet through the holes and position it correctly. The direction is always the user direction, so adjust the faucet towards the user direction.

Step # 4

Once the kitchen faucet is in place, and you have adjusted its direction. Now it is time to position the water supply lines. All you need to do is screw partially into the threaded ring. Slide the fiber washer first, then the metal washer, and after that ring over the water supply lines. Now screw them fully and tighten them.

Connect the soap dispenser by threading the plastic nut, and you will need a basin wrench to tighten the nut. Transfer the weight on the spray hose and connect both ends and make sure they are tight and fastened into place.

Now it is time to connect the supply lines. Adjust the hot and cold line so that they do not interfere with each other and with the hose. Once you have adjusted the position, now connect and tighten them with the existing water supply line.

Step # 5

It is the final step of installing a kitchen faucet. All you need to do is turn on the water supply, both hot and cold. Make sure that there are no leaks. If there are leaks, adjust the leaks. Remove the excessive plumber’s putty, add soap to the soap dispenser, and secure the pump.