Ways to Maintain Siblings Relationship

Siblings are the enemies that can’t live without each other. Well, said! They love each other but they also fight with each other. From childhood fights over toys to heated arguments in the older age on numerous matters, the relationship of siblings can hit the rock bottom. The verbal arguments can turn into a rivalry in no time.

And, as a parent, it is disheartening to see your children turning back on each other and quarrelling with each other. Siblinghood is the most beautiful relationship and to maintain the pious relationship shared by brothers and sisters, we have outlined 5 steps.

  • Heal the Past: The first step is to encourage your kids to release any baggage they are carrying from the past. Make them sit and talk, encourage them to resolve their issues, and sort the matters with each other. Listen and understand each other’s perspective and open their hearts for forgiveness. Heal the past so that they can pave the way for a more healthy future with each other.


  • Shared Goals: Like friendship and relationship, siblingship also works on shared goals. A perfect sibling relationship is the one when siblings recognise each other’s goals and support each other to attain the goals. So, help your children develop a supportive attitude of each other’ dreams and goals. When they work together, they will develop a healthy relationship that will last for a long time.


  • Bonding and Connection: Sibling bonding and connection is one of the most essential ways to strengthen relationships with each other. They may be living in different countries or may see less of each other due to hectic lives, but whenever they can, encourage them to meet and spend quality time with each other. Rakhi festivity is fast approaching, and it gives all the siblings the perfect opportunity to strengthen their bonds over rakhi rituals of tying rakhi and exchanging rakhi gifts. If your brother is living abroad, then also you send him your love over rakhi and rakhi gifts for brother.


  • Avoid Conflicting and Contentious Issues: Conflicting points of views can create a rift between brothers and sisters. And, sometimes it can also turn into a heated argument. Parents should motivate their children to avoid conflicting issues with each other. Try not to bring up contentious issues while talking with each other. Even, if you get into an argument, try to resolve it as calmly as possible. Avoid getting into ugly situations, at all costs.


  • Show Appreciation and Gratitude: Who doesn’t like appreciation? Well, everyone does. And, when it comes from your closed ones, happiness reaches the next level. So, appreciate your brothers and sisters whenever you get a chance. Also, show gratitude to each other when you have the opportunity to do so. Your tokens of appreciation and gratitude will go a long way in strengthening your relationship. Parents too should appreciate their children for their success and achievements.

So, these were the best five steps that parents can encourage their children to adopt for strengthening the bond and relationship that exists between siblings. Little steps can go a long way in maintaining relationships.