Creeping Charlie Releases “Let Me Know”

There’s always something quite beautiful when friends are doing something they love together. In the case of the alternative/indie band, Creeping Charlie, they actually make really good music together. Creeping Charlie is made up of friends who have been making great music together as far back as 2015 in Hampton, NJ. The four, sometimes five members have a new album called Asymmetrical where the song “Let Me Know” comes from.

The instrumentals are so vibrant and interesting that it makes you stop and listen. By the time Julia Eubanks delivers her vocals, you know you’re in for a good time immediately. “Let Me Know” is a song about love and how easy it is to find in time. The melody isn’t as patient as it hits you right from the beginning and lulls you into a happy place. The production quality is also impressive as everything comes through easily. The vocals are crisp, and the melodies complement the amazing feeling that the song brings.


In a summer that has been bereft of sunshine, Creeping Charlie adds a ray of light to your day and makes you feel good. If “Let Me Know” is any indication of what the album will be, then you’re in for a treat. Let Me Know is a perfect mix of artistic expression, soothing lyrics, professional production and a worthy vocal performance from Julia Eubanks that is fast becoming a signature sound. If you like music that makes you feel alive and ready to face the world again after a long day, this is definitely one song you should put on your playlist. It would be a great idea for them to make a video to this song to make it even more popular than it already it.

You can check out this song on Spotify, YouTube, and other major streaming platforms out there. This song is also a clear sign to look out for more music from Creeping Charlie over the coming weeks.