What is Anavar and what is it used for?

Anavar works like other anabolics and helps build muscle while helping the body become more efficient. Anavar was first sold on the market in the 1960s and was marketed for many therapeutic qualities. The drug is legally distributed and is used when the consumer wants to gain weight after medical conditions and to relieve bone pain caused by bone loss.

Anavar is a drug taken 2 to 4 times a day with food or milk. It is used only for short-term treatment. If not used properly, the anabolic can cause serious side effects, such as illness, mental problems, stroke, or bone growth. For getting your ANAVAR check buy anavar Canada.

Is Anavar a steroid?

Anavar, also known as Oxandrolone, is dihydrotestosterone (or DHT). It is structurally altered because it replaces a carbon 2 with an oxygen atom in the ring of the molecular bond. The benefits of Anavar come from its ability to bind androgen receptors and use T3 hormones in the body.

Marketed as a therapeutic drug, Anavar is often taken to help with weight gain and increase the energy supply in the body, as well as to aid healthy growth. It is also taken to treat conditions such as osteoporosis. Anavar is also popular these days thanks to its ability to improve physical performance. Bodybuilders and athletes prefer Anavar because it has an anabolic level between 300 and 600, which exceeds natural testosterone in the body. However, Anavar is not suitable for gaining muscle mass, but it is ideal for weight loss cycles. It can increase the amount of nitrogen that remains in the body. At the same time, reduced SHBG levels lead to a significant amount of testosterone, promoting strength and growth over time.

Side effects of Anavar

Like all drugs on the market, Anavar has side effects. However, if used properly, even steroids can have no effects or minor side effects. So what are these side effects?

Testosterone Inhibition – Even if its use is minimal, Anavar will suppress the natural production of testosterone. In such cases, the athlete should take exogenous testosterone as a supplement. Otherwise, a low level of testosterone will cause lethargy and fatigue, loss of muscle mass, etc. Once the artificial testosterone is eliminated from the body, the natural testosterone levels will return to normal.

Androgenic Problems – Anavar is not a powerful androgenic steroid, but some side effects, such as acne or baldness, may appear. Women can also show virilization symptoms, such as body hair growth, enlarged clitoris and a lower voice, but this is very rare.

Estrogenic problems – Consumption of Anavar does not cause estrogen-related side effects. Since it is impossible to retain water and the steroid is not flavoring, it is almost impossible for Anavar to cause a side effect associated with higher estrogen levels.

Cardiovascular Problems – Consumption of Anavar will increase LDL cholesterol and lower HDL cholesterol. Normally, this is not a problem for most male users, but it could be a problem for those with cholesterol problems.