“Maybe It’s Me” from New York rockers, The Misters

In the song Maybe Its Me from New York rockers, The Misters, the listener gets a grasp of the bands bold sound, and an earshot of their emotional state-of-mind. From the album The Misters- TO-GO, Maybe Its Me is a tune tightly wound in rock, synth-pop and jazz.

Calling New York City home, The Misters channel that lively energy and slight noir into their sound. Lead vocalist, Michael Nitting (also helms rhythm guitar), sounds like a cross between Keanes Tom Chaplin, Nick Drake and a refined Elliot Smith. Completing the band are Jim White (lead guitar, keys), Brent Crude (bass guitar and synth) and Todd Martin (drums and percussion). The Misters worked with Grammy winner Nolan Thies and Grammy nominated, Alex Saltz. The bands cohesive sound could be found in the modern streets of Brooklyn, echoes of haberdasheries and steampunk copper gripping their way into 2020. They have a way of sounding vintage without feeling like youre coughing from the dust or the trying to polish the patina. They have grappled their own unique modern sound and the listener cant let go.

The chorus maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe its me is quite simple enough. The storys meat comes near the end of the song with the thrice repeated if I cant love myself, loving you will never help, if you felt the way I felt, youd have to love something body else. It occurred to me after a few listens that the song is coming from their perspective, but its not illogical to think that they could be singing it from the other persons perspective. As confusing has love can be, the audacity to share ones true feelings is not easy. Especially if its someone that youve been in a long term relationship with and youve changed. You havent changed together. Im seeing this theme of self-evaluation a bit more in music, and its certainly nothing new, but The Misters take on it is certainly unique. Their sound is extraordinary, and while listening, I felt so in-the-moment and in tuned with each note, each lyric.

DSP – https://soundcloud.com/musicbythemisters/maybe-its-me-1/s-cxCsJwEPMVD

The music bed both alluring and intensely guitar focused. At times though, theres this tip toeing piano that brightens some of the vibe, as if the mindful moments of clarity in a relationship are popping through the surface. Its a seamless transition. The rhythm sections are thinner, and quicker than your normal rock track. I think the guitar and the snyth base line give the sound that raunchier, soaking up all the stains and grime from NYC-streets tones.

Maybe Its Me doesnt hesitate. The common thread, the humanistic side to this song touches the heart. Weve all had those insecurities, those hesitant moments where we think we wanted something only to find out, that maybe we needed to work on our own happiness before we can truly be happy. I think thats why this song will have such a strong rapport with listeners. The Misters emphatic track is a great way to beat the summer heat its easily one of 2020s best tracks.

Gwen Waggoner