Best Asian hairstyles that flutter your face

Young men love to be competitive college students and to just start having serious romantic relationships, edgy Asian men hairstyles are one of the ways that show your fashion style and aim to stand out from the crowd!

How To Get a Haircut That Flatters Your Face Shape

With the invasion of beauty products and Asian music, our readers have asked us for Korean hairstyles. Therefore, we made this article to show you the trends of the Eastern country. Many of us love the Korean fashion and more than once we wanted to get a style similar to that of our beloved idols of the K-pop. We are going to help you achieve this, and although we think that you must always maintain the personal essence of each one, we want to give you some basic knowledge that will make your style much more similar to the Korean style you are looking for, and without further ties.

In general, both boys and girls use hair dyes very frequently, although this damages the hair considerably and sometimes many suffer from hair loss. Then go to a beauty salon, since they being professionals, will be able to achieve the result you expect and you can even show them a photograph of the look you want.

Short and long layers

Short layered Asian hairstyles are a popular and youthful look. With sharp ends and sculpted cut that is perfect for shaping and controlling thick, strong hair textures.

The front toupee is a hot look these days, as well as soft layers in the longer neck-covering styles.

Cormorant cuts

With the return to fashion of the fabulous lint-free cut, Asian hairstyles for men have won a fresh and innovative style choice that’s great for creating a chaotic look that skillfully subverts the cultural idea of ​​conformity in Japanese culture.

Choppy layers

And if you are a futuristic type, creator of a guy, check out Asia’s innovative choppy layered hairstyles -! For men who dare to be different

Professional Asian hairstyles

On the other hand, a young businessman will probably choose a more professional-looking Asian hairstyle for men, such as a conservative short haircut, but with the side of the burns allowed to show up to an earlobe length to keep it trendy.

Punk hairstyles for men

Japanese punk style is an innovative style in our Inspiration Gallery! The patterns can be cut into a haircut to leave you and adding rainbow-colored details is more popular in Asian men, than in any other culture!


This neat style can be varied for a higher fashion look by buzzing the sides fairly close to the head and ends up leaving a ridge on the top of the head or a full Mohawk from the forehead to the nape of the neck.

So if you are looking out for a new contemporary look, take a moment to browse our up-to-the-minute Inspiration Gallery of the latest and greatest Asian hairstyles for men of all ages.