Jenn Grinels – ‘Go Mine’ single

Go Mine, the title track from her upcoming album, is a defiant brush-off of everyone she’s encountered over the years who attempted to put her into a nice, polished box – the industry folks who told her she needed to be sexier, edgier, less edge, more pop, more commercial, use more treble, stay in one genre, not speak on stage, wear more makeup, etc. Her fierce independent streak and DIY approach has allowed her to find her own distinctive voice and achieve success on her own terms.

Instead of Top 40 gloss, “Go Mine” serves up grit and swagger. Grinels’ acoustic guitar struts along like it owns the place, flanked by a screaming saxophone and a perfect rhythm section made up of some of Portland’s finest. Her vocal delivery is brash with just a hint of snarkiness, showing she can be as tough as she can be tender.

Grinels is as grassroots as it gets, having created a groundswell of die-hard fans in small towns and big cities across the U.S. who consistently buy her records and offer direct support though Patreon.