TATUM’s new single ‘Bloodsport’

TATUM releases her third single ‘Bloodsport’ through Bad Future Records on May 8th. The song paints a vivid picture of the pitfalls of love and how, when a relationship comes to an explosive and painful end, it can ultimately destroy both people.

That love in turn becomes a ‘Bloodsport’, because it cannot exist without a huge amount of pain, and so it becomes a sort of disastrous art.
TATUM’s beautifully sung and musically delicate verses diminish and dissolve, making way for the huge, cinematic, cascading choruses that are underpinned by a relentless ritualistic rhythm, giving the track an intensely dynamic and melodramatic edge.

DSP – https://ditto.fm/bloodsport_

There’s also stylised quality to ‘Bloodsport that, through its themes of tragic romance, feeds into a Lana Del Rey-like melancholia of seeing the beauty in heartbreak.
“‘Bloodsport’ compares love to an epic battle where both parties walk away injured and bloody. All love comes at a cost and there is always a devastating end to love whether it’s through a break-up or death, love always ends painfully,” TATUM explains when questioned about the song’s core narrative.