Ellee Duke “Alexa, Turn Off My Feelings” New Single for Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

As her first co-produced song, Ellee shares the following: “My friends and I jokingly say, “Alexa, Turn Off My Feelings,” and for a while we all got a good laugh out of it. I started thinking… what if that was a song? I know a lot of girls & guys can relate to this funny fantasy where a cool device that turns your TV or your music on and off, could do the same with your feelings for someone you can’t seem to get over. When listeners hear this they will feel the emotion behind it, but also laugh because it is an entertaining spin on one lovesick chick.

We have all been there before, still loving someone we want so desperately to move on from, and how frustrating it can be when only time can heal the heartbreak. What if that desperation leads you to lose your mind? I’ve been through some rough break ups so I wrote this song coming from that place. I hope this encourages listeners to find hope and humor in their heartbreaks.”

Ellee is an Artist/Songwriter based in Los Angeles. She’s been writing songs since age 5. At 17, she began traveling to Nashville with big dreams of breaking into the music industry. Ellee signed her first publishing deal with Big Machine Records. She graduated high school early and moved to Nashville where she began writing/recording with writers and producers on a path to develop as a songwriter/artist.

In 2015, Ellee opened 11 west coast shows for LeAnn Rimes. Ellee discovered herself as an artist in pop music and moved to LA in 2016. Later that year, Ellee signed a publishing deal with Big Yellow Dog Music. In 2018, she established her own publishing company, Ellee Duke Music Publishing.

Ellee has written with talented writers, producers, and artists such as: Chris Braide, Tom Douglas, Martin Kierszenbaum, Andre Harris, KSHMR, Heather Morgan, Mikal Blue, and many others. She’s had cuts with Alli Simpson, Alexander Stewart, Erika Costell, SJUR, and Lulleaux. She opened for Rachel Platten in 2016 and continues to play shows around the US.