Exclusive Premiere: John Allan Miller “Basket Case”

John Allan Miller is bringing attention to National Mental Health Awareness Month with his rendition of Green Day’s ​Basket Case​. The acoustic cover possesses a sentiment of intimacy and reflection, providing a new spin on the Green Day hit. Originally released in 1994, ​Basket Case​ is about anxiety and the feeling of losing grip. Twenty-six years later, John Allan Miller brings that around to today’s times, as people have experienced heaps of anxiety, depression and more due to the COVID-19 pandemic and quarantines.

The video by John Allan Miller depicts this feeling perfectly. Shot on March 28, the eerie video scopes an empty downtown Nashville with empty bars – showing a feeling of loneliness and longing. Playing to a crowd of zero, Miller reminisces on the empty streets and seats, playing his song for the vital need of expressing his music. Mental health is a topic that needs to be talked about, especially in today’s climate.

With all shows canceled, musicians everywhere are feeling the full force of the pandemic; though Miller has hope for the future. John Allan Miller wants viewers to know that they are not alone. We will get through this – together.