Track Seattle rapper Kateel’s journey in new single ‘I Ain’t Forgot’

Newcomer Kateel raps like he has some years in the game. His latest track, ‘I Ain’t Forgot’, feels like it’s being performed by a veteran. It’s well done, well produced, and the video is excellent. Kateel talks about his ascension to the top of the rap game and pays homage to his humble beginnings. This is a track that is well appreciated from an artist, it keeps the artist human and lets us fans know that we can guarantee that he will always be the kid from Seattle who is living his dream.

Kateel Barnett is bringing his talents into a storied history of conscious-driven hip-hop, laying a strong foundation rooted in his dexterity as a rapper, singer, producer and live performer. The 21-year-old Seattle native first began rapping in middle school, crediting having music in his blood for his drive to explore his talents early on. Born the son of a soul musician, who actively records under the name Jrod Indigo, Kateel witnessed firsthand what sacrifice comes with the decision to choose a career as an artist and what work must be put in to achieve such dreams.

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