Is it worth investing in a rig welding truck? Know more about the rig welding business

Rig welding sounds like a fun and exciting job. A person might have bought a truck and modified it to suit its purposes. Having saved a lot of money by purchasing the vehicle from Zemotor, they feel optimistic. But is it really worth investing in a rig welding truck (

 In this article, readers will find out the job opportunities, and the pros and cons of working as a mobile welder, and tips to make the rig welding business thrive.

The benefit of owning a rig welding truck

One of the reasons why many people buy a rig welding truck is that it allows them to move from place to place with everything they need in the back of their vehicles. The person can drive to the site where their clients need their help. Then with all the required machines and equipment in the welding bed, they can start working on their project without much fuss.

Some people even buy regular automobiles and turn them into rig welding units. Many experienced workers suggest buying a used car and modifying it. Zemotor has a range of options and offers that anyone will not want to miss. In some cases, lucky buyers may even get an already modified rig welding truck.

Job opportunities available with a rig welding truck

Here are some project choices for a person who owns a rig welding truck:

  •   Drilling rigs

Drilling rigs do not involve the most complicated work in the rig welding world. It consists of a lot of structural metalwork but does not necessarily test the rig welders. In a few cases, pipeline work may occur. They need to keep everything in shape so that everything goes smoothly. There is no overtime when it comes to this job.

  •  Pipe welder

This job is somewhat more demanding because it may expose the worker to harsh climatic conditions. Here, they join pipes together or repair them in case any damage happens, whether naturally or not. It is a tougher job as compared to working in drilling rigs.

  •  Ironworker

The job description includes welding metal together to make frames and supportive structures for buildings and roads. A person will need the necessary licenses, certifications, training, and education for this job.

  •  Spot welder

One can consider the job of a spot welder to be more detailed than other welding jobs. Here, the worker usually welds two sheets of metal together. How they do this is by exerting pressure and putting heat in the part that needs welding.

  •  Welder-fitter

Welder-fitters assemble and fit structures using their welding knowledge. The construction of bridges, roads, and buildings need the help of these workers. These people also need to have ample experience in metallurgy and engineering requirements. Some job descriptions for welder-fitters include the fabrication of metal components.

Pros of owning a rig welding truck

1. The person who owns the rig welding truck will be his or her own boss. What this means is that the welder will answer to no one and will enjoy the full benefits of working for themselves.

2. It is a very exciting job, and every project brings something new to the table.

3. Welders receive a decent wage for their work. It is an honest profession that gives room for building oneself.

4. The more a person practices and hones his or her skills, the better they become. Hence, rig welding jobs offer improvement opportunities.

5.  It helps a person to learn skills that can help them further in their career.

Cons of owning a rig welding truck

  •  There is uncertainty regarding whether a person will find a job or not. In some places, there is a lot of demand for rig welder, while in other areas, there may be no demand at all.
  •  The risk of injuries is very high. Rig welders work with sharp and hot objects, and they expose themselves to a lot of work-related dangers.


The first and foremost necessity when it comes to the rig welding truck business is getting the right vehicle for the job. At Zemotor, interested buyers can find the best fitting truck for this purpose. After getting the right mobile rig welding unit, try not to decline any job opportunity. This tip is a stepping stone for a successful business. Try to improve each skill and always have a positive attitude.