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Today Grammy-nominated artist Lil Baby releases a new song and video, “All In,” from his upcoming deluxe version of the #1 charting album My Turn (Quality Control Music / Wolfpack Global / Motown Records). Topping the charts at number one on Billboard’s Top 200, the album has not left the Top 5 since its release.

“All In’ teases the upcoming deluxe version of the massive hit album My Turn, which has over a billion global streams in just a few weeks, pushing Lil Baby’s career streaming total to an incredible 13 billion+ global streams. Dropping on May 1, 2020, the deluxe will feature a total of six new original tracks.

Lil Baby To Release Deluxe Version Of #1 Album “My Turn”

Released today, “Promise of a New Day” is a lushly melodic dream-pop track from Dream Tonic

“While studying classical piano at the university, the main piano theme for this song was born,” Allen-Farmer says regarding the track “Promise Of A New Day.” “I was playing a lot of Debussy at the time and was greatly inspired by his lush harmonic language, which worked its way into my own compositions. Only recently – on a warm, sunny Saturday morning filled with promise – was a song with lyrics born out of this original piano theme. The lyrics are universal…a testimony to both the power of potential and hope as well as gratitude for the moment as is.”

60 East – ‘Sleep Talk Ft. A-F-R-O’

60 East and A-F-R-O have been friends for a few years now, after meeting on an East Coast Tour back in 2016, the 2 finally decided to release some music together. 60 released the TFS3 EP on February 6th, along with the lineup to his 4th annual Happiness of Pursuit Festival, a Festival the Artist throws in his hometown, which featured Evidence, Roc Marciano, Dizzy Wright and more but was postponed to October due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. 60 East has announced that now that the situation with the Festival has got resolved, he will go back to releasing music consistently over 2020.


Brando is known for his chart-topping collaborations such as Loud Luxury’s multi-platinum-certified song “Body” as well as feature spots on singles from DJ powerhouses Cazzette and Don Diablo. “Working with Matoma on this record was an amazing experience,” Brando says, “especially since he’s been one of my favorite DJs/producers since his ‘False Alarm’ release with Becky Hill. Being able to sit down with Matoma in the studio and put a new spin on a classic record I grew up with was simply incredible and I can’t wait for our fans to hear it!”


Nashville-based artist Matt Lovell has unveiled “Be Free,” a timely new single from his debut album, Nobody Cries Today, out on June 5th. “Lovell grew up learning to sing three-part harmonies in a household steeped in soul…Those roots anchor the tracks on his forthcoming LP,” says Glide Magazine in its premiere. “Be Free,” which Lovell says reminds him of his upbringing, was inspired by the Aretha Franklin-style gospel heard in his youth, music he revisited during the writing and recording process. “Subdued organ and a laid-back rhythm section provide a dreamy, vintage-washed landscape for Lovell’s soulful, velvety vocals,” Glide Magazine adds. “Spendin’ all our days/Trying to make it to the sun/But I don’t wanna go/Unless there’s room for everyone…Somebody tell me when we gon’ be free,” he implores, a question the entire world seems to be asking today – when will we be free of bigotry, free of racism, free of classism, and even free from the sickness currently ravaging our planet?”

SONG PREMIERE: Matt Lovell Takes Cues From Aretha Franklin on Soulful Single “BE FREE”


Rising star and creative presence Zsela’s much-anticipated debut EP, Ache of Victory is out today, along with a new visual shot for her song “Undone”. Ache of Victory, produced by longtime friend and collaborator Daniel Aged (inc. no world), is the dawn of a new musical chapter for the 25-year-old. Three years in the making, Zsela’s Ache of Victory is a brooding and triumphant statement about courage in the face of adversity, establishing the young talent as a master at her craft and in her prime. Open to interpretation, the name Ache of Victory represents the paradoxes of success. The EP comes accompanied by a simple and elegant visual for standout track, “Undone” directed by Jasper Marsalis.


The seven track project includes collaborations with H.E.R. and 24kGoldn, and finds the budding star coming completely into his own. A self-titled affair (Lonr. = Land of Nothing Real), the GRAMMY® Award-winning singer, rapper, songwriter and producer expertly weaves together introspective ruminations on songs like “Make The Most” featuring H.E.R., “Time” and “Jump” next to turn-up refuge anthems on songs like “Lit” featuring 24kGoldn and his break-out single “A.M.” All of this is delivered with a singular style, entrancing vocals, and soul-baring lyricism. Check out the official track list below.

Brendan Benson’s new album ‘Dear Life’ out today via Third Man Records

Benson’s seventh solo album and first full-length release via Third Man, DEAR LIFE has been met with immediate acclaim. SPIN said that “[DEAR LIFE]… sounds more contented than the anxious and energetic twentysomething Benson who made his debut on 1996’s One Mississippi,” and Magnet Magazine enthused that the album is “a busy snapshot of Benson at his most cautiously optimistic and emotionally direct.” Even more love came in from his adopted hometown of Nashville, with The Tennessean calling DEAR LIFE, “An 11-song concoction of power pop experimentation flavored by unabashed fatherhood and sprinkled with punk rock,” and Nashville Scene raving, “With nary a bar that isn’t trying to burrow deep into your ear hole, DEAR LIFE shoves a humanist, heartwarming philosophy in the face of life’s letdowns and indignities.”

Rufus Wainwright heralds ‘Unfollow The Rules’ on powerful new single “Alone Time” with animated video

“‘Alone Time’ is the end title of my upcoming album, UNFOLLOW THE RULES,” says Wainwright, “an old school record that attempts to take the listener on a rich journey through the myriad of experiences of this thing we call ‘life.’ It is my belief that with everyone and everything, ultimately, all conclusions are about solitude and the acceptance of that fact, and that often this is a very beautiful realization. But today, in these dark times, I’m thinking a lot about the thousands of people who, due to COVID-19, are forced to experience intense isolation at the end of their days in order to save others, and the incredible fear that that must entail. This track is humbly dedicated to them; it is a wish of hope and a prayer for grace that they feel some sense of joy and comfort in knowing they are performing such an incredible act of sacrifice for humanity.”

One True Pairing aka Tom Fleming of Wild Beasts Announces New EP ‘Zero Vulnerability’

Now, Fleming is pleased to announce his new EP, Zero Vulnerability, comprising acoustic renditions of 4 tracks from his 2019 debut. Zero Vulnerability is a phrase Fleming coined on his UK tour at the end of last year. He found himself facing the crowd solo, front and center for the first time in his career, alone yet finding solace and strength from the simple mantra.

Australia’s IN HEARTS WAKE Announce Carbon Offset Album ‘Kaliyuga,’ Reveal “Son Of A Witch”

“Son Of A Witch” is influenced by IN HEARTS WAKE frontman JAKE TAYLOR’s experience of the devastating Malibu Fires in 2018. This experience kindled the creation of the single, which was penned before the great burning of the Amazon Rainforest and the destructive 2020 wildfires in Australia. Filming for the song’s live action clip was restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Brooklyn Warehouse Grunge Meets Pop Songwriting in Zoë Moss’ Debut Single

Ask Zoë Moss to describe her younger self, and she’ll be quick to admit that she was “an odd, creative kid.” But, odd, creative kids often grow up to become talented, inspired artists – and Moss is no exception.

The Brooklyn-based singer / songwriter has announced the release of “The Operator,” the first single from her forthcoming debut EP entitled Stories.

Skott Releases New Single and Video, ‘Talk About Me.’

Critically acclaimed Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Skott releases her new single “Talk About Me” today via Dollar Menu in partnership with Cosmos Music. The unparalleled artistry of both sound and visuals are reflected in the accompanying music video, which premiered today on NYLON. Sonically, the song is a hypnotic and sophisticated pop tune with folk driven melodies that dramatically unfold into an eerie electronic atmosphere, peppered with cinematic intrigue. Pulsating acoustic guitar and percussion drive the track forward as Skott’s alluring vocals and songwriting captivate from beginning to the bittersweet twist ending.

Vocalist Corinne Mammana to release New Recording “Yes, No, Next”

“Mammana applies her superb technique gracefully, carefully, tastefully and intelligently…she wisely lets the melody and lyrics speak for themselves”— Jazz Times

With a sophisticated and soothing style, Corinne Mammana is an American jazz singer, songwriter, arranger, recording artist and bandleader. She is praised by JazzTimes for her “superb technique.” Her debut EP ‘Under an August Moon’ (released in August 2016) celebrates the Great American Songbook via a four-song collection of jazz standards from the 40s and 50s, as well as contemporary songs.

Art Alexakis Premieres Poignant Music Video for Multiple Sclerosis-Inspired Song “The Hot Water Test”

The title, “The Hot Water Test”, is a reference to the hot bath tests used to diagnose MS in the early 20th century. Alexakis explains: “Doctors would diagnose MS by putting their patients into super-hot water and wait for them to start showing symptoms. It was pretty barbaric and miserable, and just one example of the the kind of experiences that people with MS, autoimmune diseases, cancer, or for that matter any debilitating disease, have to deal with all the time.”

Edmonton’s Wares release their passionate new album – Survival

Few albums combine raw vulnerability with shredding solos as seamlessly as Wares’ Survival. On her first release for Mint Records, Edmonton’s Cassia Hardy blazes through riff-wielding indie-rock symphonies for anyone striving to stay alive and create a brighter future. By sharing her own journey towards hope, she hopes to light a path for anyone lost in the dark. As Hardy explains in its liner notes, “this record is dedicated to decolonial activists, anti-fascist agitators, prairie queers fighting for community and a better life.”

ORGÖNE: watch exuberant video for “Mothership Egypt/Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut”

French avant-garde rockers ORGÖNE unveil their video for “Mothership Egypt/Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut”, a new excerpt from their wild and unique debut double LP ‘MOS/FET’ due out June 19th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

This first video from ORGÖNE shows the band playing their songs “Mothership Egypt” and “Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut”, from their “Anubis Rising” Suite. This total DIY video, shot one week before the quarantine, is a way for the band to present (with a touch of humour and even irony) their psychedelic, mystic, spacey and dreamy inner landscape, fulfilled with ancient gods from other planets and pan-africanism.


“My father died when I was six, so I was raised by my mom,” explains Newell of the track’s inspiration. “I paid homage to what she did for me and what motherhood is – instilling positivity into a child no matter what age, sharing wisdom, nurturing them, comforting them. I also wanted to write an anthem for the house moms we have in the LGBTQ community, adoptive moms, and anyone who is a maternal figure and nurturer.”

Rex spark resentment on new bittersweet track ‘Lovers Like We Used To Be’

Known for their curvatures of post punk, new wave and Spanish rhythms, the Amsterdam-based trio Rex explore themes around the darker side of life. Caught in a whirlwind of frustration over dead-end relationships, the band are set release new cut ”Lovers Like We Used To Be’

Straddling genres with a sensational blend of mellifluous guitar riffs, snazzy drumbeats and lead singer Jonathan’s robust vocals, ‘Lovers Like We Used To Be’ is subjected around hopeless romanticism and resentment.


La canción “Conciencia” es el nuevo tema de Jon Z junto con el cantautor urbano Almighty. “Conciencia” se trata el poder lidiar entre la conciencia buena y la mala, que llevas en la mente. Jon Z (conciencia mala) instiga a un muchacho a hacer cosas malas, vicios, matar por rencor y hasta lo empuja a suicidarse, mientras Almighty (conciencia buena) le advierte lo que le pasaría si hace eso y le recomienda seguir el camino correcto, guiado por Dios.


El exitoso y afamado rapero estadounidense Lil Pump, vuelve a “revolucionar” la industria de la música con el lanzamiento del sencillo promocional “Illuminati”. Este lanzamiento es con la compañía de distribución, Vydia y es el primer tema después de su partida de Warner Records en julio del 2019. Una “explosiva” colaboración entre el rapero y el pionero del trap en español Anuel AA, que dará mucho de hablar.

Swedish alt-pop artist Skott releases new single ‘Talk About Me’

Critically acclaimed Swedish singer, songwriter and producer Skott shares her new single ‘Talk About Me’ on April 24th via Dollar Menu in partnership with Cosmos Music. The unparalleled artistry of both sound and visuals are reflected in the accompanying music video released the same day. Directed by the artist herself and videographer Paras IV, the enchanting animation pulls us into a dreamlike world of surreal moments, as the central character’s neurosis unravels.


Having spent the past months gaining the acclaim of the likes of FADER, Complex, COLORS, Wonderland Magazine and more, polymathic talent Nick Leng today reveals his anticipated debut album LEMONS, a labyrinthine body of work which sees Nick weave around genres to create a collection of songs that invoke a spectrum of emotions. At the forefront of the album is Walking Home To You, a lovelorn guitar led offering showcasing yet another dimension to this multifaceted artist.

Paul Bartolome Releases “Screaming Through The Radio”

United Kingdom pop/rock sensation Paul Bartolome has just released his brand new album “Screaming Through The Radio” worldwide on LEGEND Recordings. After spending much of 2019 touring including a sold-out European tour to end the year as direct support for The Calling. Paul Bartolome worked hard with producer Matt Good among other special guests on this album that leaves you excited from song 1 all the way to the end. This is just the beginning for the performer!


Twenty-year-old Winnipeg singer/songwriter Taylor Janzen takes us on a journey of self-discovery in new single “Devotion” out now on Glassnote Music. Produced by Luke Niccoli (Miya Folick, Joji) and mixed by Neal Avron (Brandi Carlile, Bleachers, Twenty One Pilots), the song explores the balance between being able to love someone or something and still have self-identity.


“I’ve wanted to work with bülow for awhile now,” Whethan shares. “She’s an amazing artist and on top of that we were able to write a song together that I think everyone that has gone through any sort of heartbreak can relate to. It ended up being one of my favorite songs off the album if you want to go hard.”

Gillian Shares New Single/Video, “High”

Today, pop singer/songwriter Gillian releases her new single, “High,” and accompanying music video. A delightful piano-driven pop ballad, “High” is the first tease from Gillian’s upcoming full-length album, 3AM.

On “High,” Gillian’s voice tiptoes between sparse piano as tension mounts towards an arresting chorus: “You spend all your free time getting high.” Punctuated by haunting percussion and towering delivery, “High” delivers a poignant message on the horrors of addiction. “The song took true emotions I was feeling in a relationship and created a story with them,” she recalls, “it’s about how addiction can affect a relationship.”


“In this unprecedented season, our team has been prayerfully wondering — how can we serve you? What can we do to encourage you and stand with you in worship?,” says Hillsong Worship’s Brooke Ligertwood. “We hope that this new offering is one small thing we can do to bring songs of hope and fervency into your house at this time. It’s the biggest project we’ve ever compiled, and we pray it draws you close to Jesus.”

Fredrararrii Releases New Music Video for “Soul Snatchers” Ft. YFN Lucci!


In February, Moriondo shared “Ghost Adventure Spirit Orb,” which found the artist venturing i­nto new territory – adding electric guitar to her signature ukulele sound. The release followed “Kindergarten,” which premiered via FLOOD Magazine, who praised the artist as “a force to be reckoned with.” Produced by Cavetown’s Robin Skinner, “Kindergarten” captures the dizzying feeling of a young crush.

Lil Gotit Drops Hood Baby 2 Mixtape, Nabs Future & Lil Keed for Animated “Yeah Yeah” Video

Approaching trap beats from odd angles with his hiccuping vocals, Lil Gotit is a standard-bearer for the new generation of Atlanta trap. Tightening up his rhymes and digging deep into his arsenal of flows, Gotit shares Hood Baby 2, his new mixtape. The sequel to his 2018 debut mixtape, which announced the then-19-year-old Gotit as a player to watch in his hometown scene, the upcoming Hood Baby 2 demonstrates the rapper’s artistic evolution–his flows hit harder, his ad-libs are wilder, and his money is longer. He’s an ever-evolving presence across the tape’s 18 tracks, showing off his singing chops on “Trap Or Die,” experimenting with overlapping flows on project-opener “Bricks In The Attic,”currently found on Spotify’s Most Necessary and Off The Strength playlists, and trying his hand at a T.I.-style early trap banger with “Hood Talk.”


Internationally-acclaimed duo Galantis have teamed up with singer-songwriter Wrabel for an introspective new collaborative single, “The Lake” – available now via Big Beat Records. A musical departure that showcases a new side of Galantis, the track pairs earnest harmonies with nostalgia-tinged lyrics that strive to provide a sonic escape.

CARACH ANGREN Unveil Hellish New Single, “Der Vampir von Nürnberg”

CARACH ANGREN comments: “We proudly present you ‘Der Vampir von Nürnberg,’ taken from our upcoming album. The song is a sub-story connected to the overarching horrifying concept on the album. Welcome to the world of a gruesome killer and vampiric necrophiliac dabbling in the wickedness of the occult!”

Avril Lavigne Releases New Single “We Are Warriors”

In light of the current global COVID-19 health crisis, eight-time Grammy-nominated pop rock icon Avril Lavigne released today a re-recorded, new version of the track “Warrior” from her sixth studio album Head Above Water, fittingly re-titling it “We Are Warriors” –