Out Now: MOLI reflects on the toxicity of social media – “So Jealous”

With her newest single “So Jealous” singer-songwriter MOLI opens up about the effects of living in such a digitally consumed era. Her lush synth-pop ballad questions how easy it is to alter our online persona, whilst having to face her own deep-rooted anxieties. Becoming consumed by her own social media newsfeed, MOLI finds someone that causes her mind to run wild, singing, “Her face her lips her curves / She shows a lot a skin / She’s probably insecure / But hiding it within / She gets a lot of likes / most of them are guys / One of them is you / It’s much to my dislike”


In a generation where real-life, human interactions are reduced to filtered selfies and toxic memes, it’s only natural for our mental health to feel the effects over time. But when is it time to take a step back?