Sophie Dorsten New Single “Tomorrow”

Tomorrow is a somber tune. It reeks of a simple kind of maturity that can really resonate through the vocals and lyrics. The tempo is steady and builds slightly, only to be returned by Sophie Dorsten’s powerful voice. She truly has an amazing talent. It’s filled to the brim with emotion and that adds so much to this song. Tomorrow is about overcoming fears and troubles to continue to the next day. This subject isn’t too common to come across and I think it is extremely important to have in existence. Too many people don’t make it to the next day because they are beaten down by their lives. Everyone needs a song like this to connect to, to help them know they are not alone in their troubles.

The instruments on this track are mainly a piano and an acoustic guitar. Both sound incredible on Tomorrow. The piano is the stand-out hands down. The melody it carries is almost haunting, which is perfect because the vocals also hold that sound in the tone. The guitar is subtle but adds an extra layer of depth to the track. It may not be necessary to have the guitar and the piano, but it is something I am quite thankful for. Together, the instruments are like putting powdered sugar on a brownie. You don’t really need it there, but it is nice all the same.

Overall, Tomorrow has a deep quality to it that is difficult for me to find these days. It’s intense to listen to and for that reason hard to listen to on repeat. However, it is that same intensity that will bring me back to it in the future. I look forward to hearing more from Sophie Dorsten.

Written by PhantomAngel