The 100 Majestic years of Majestic Mazda 3

The year 2020 is turning out to be a milestone for several cars and carmakers as this year marks the special anniversaries for a host of them. Starting from the Aston Martin DB2 that completed its 70th year of production in 2020, to the Volkswagen Type 2 achieving as many numbers of years as well as the Range Rover Classic standing on its 50th anniversary, the year 2020 also witnesses a historic 100th anniversary of Mazda Motors Corporation. And, quite expectantly, Mazda is all set to celebrate this achievement in a grand way.

Mazda began its operation as back as in 1920, primarily as a manufacturer of machine tools, and under the name of Toyo Cork Kogyo Co. Ltd. in Japan. Later in 1931, the company started its venture as a car-manufacturer with the Mazda-Go auto-rickshaw. Mazda’s first passenger car, the R360, was introduced in the1960, which went on to become the best selling car in japan till 1966 when its production was ceased. Since its launch, then the company has come a long way, becoming one of the most favored automobile brands in the world.

Now that it has come this long to enter the 100-years club, Mazda is ready to keep the moment memorable by launching the Special 100th Anniversary models for all its vehicles. The 100th Edition trim will be shared by all of Mazda’s car lineup, starting from the Mazda MX-5 Miata to the Mazda 3. These special models shall be designed in a way to give tribute to the first Mazda model, the R360, which marked the company’s advent in the passenger car market. Mazda says that in 1960, after the launch of its R360, Mazda set up a booth in the passenger car pavilion at the Japan Auto show for the first time ever. At that show, the R360 bore a special decoration with a unique dual-tone color combination of white and red. The 100th Anniversary Special models of the Mazda will also bear the same color combination and will be painted with Snowflake White Pearl Mica on the body and the Red hue on the interior of the roof and for other details around the car.

The Special Edition models would also feature the 100th Anniversary Special Logo, which will overlay the current Mazda symbol. The badge will be marked “100 Years 1920 – 2020”, surrounding the Mazda symbol. This special badge or logo shall be placed not only on the front fenders but also on the floor mats and wheel center hubcaps. The headrests and the key fob will also have the badge embossed on them.

Apart from announcing the Special Edition models for all its cars on the 100th Anniversary, Mazda Motors Corporation has also updated its web-handle to launch a “100th Anniversary Special Edition Website” completely dedicated to the 100 years celebration. It has also curated a “Mazda Virtual Museum – 100 years Timeline” for all the Mazda fans. The Timeline has been beautifully designed, with loads of information on the origin and history of the company and its development over the years. At the end of the timeline is a link to the Mazda Virtual Museum, showcasing a series of Mazda vehicles that form the carmaker’s rich lineage. There are also tabs about Mazda’s Presidents, past employees and the company’s growth rate over the years.

The Special Edition 100th Anniversary trim will be first made available in the Mazda 3 and Mazda CX 3, which will be followed by the Mazda Miata, CX 30, CX 5 and Mazda 6 eventually. Mazda had planned to unveil this Special Anniversary Edition trim in the 2020 Geneva Auto Show and to start offering these specially designed vehicles from June this year itself. However, the coronavirus pandemic had stalled the plans, with the Auto Show being canceled, and the car enthusiasts have to wait further for getting their hands on the cars.

The pictures released by Mazda of its Special Edition trim has left the fans quite excited and longing for the car’s release. The combination of the white and red hues is sure to bring out a sober, gorgeous and traditional look of the car. However, notably, the Special Edition 100th Anniversary Mazda variants are not due to receive any equipment or specification upgrade. Moreover, Mazda has not specifically declared any plans for bringing this special trim to the US as of yet. The cars will primarily be released in Japan, although the possibility of a subsequent launch of the car for the American market is strong, as the carmaker has announced to introduce the car in stages around the globe.