Benefits of Air Cargo

For everyone who is sending cargo internationally; it is considered by everyone that air freight shipping offers fast shippers and flexible conveyance services. Mainly, International air freight is beneficial for urgent or time-sensitive cargo that may be lost its value when not delivered in time. Though, there are few drawbacks to the service of air cargo as compared with land or ocean transportation, such as air freight costs, sizes and weights, limits on cargo types, and the role which weather plays to the schedule of the airport.

Read on to know about some of the air freight service benefits:

1. Speed and reliability

Speed is the main advantage that shippers gain while shipping air cargo, which could be as fast as a day delivery or same-day delivery. This transportation mode offers one of the fastest shipping times, as well as consistent arrival and departure times for everyone. Shippers who have to deliver time-sensitive cargos, like perishables, an ocean-to-air or air-only a service (a Crowley program that joins air transports and ocean of perishable goods from Central America to Europe and Asia via South Florida) might also offer the best options everywhere. You can also select shipping from China to UAE and GCC for the best speed and reliability.

2. Security

Although airport security could bother those of us who fly, so, screenings and strict regulations always benefit air freight shippers. Air terminals and cargo receiving areas are extremely safe due to monitoring and strict safety measures; it limits the risk of damage and theft. Furthermore, there is minimal handling and less time required for transportation.

3. Locations served

Most of the remote areas could also be serviced by air. With a vast operating footprint, airlines would be able to provide air cargo service to almost any location in the world. Moreover, air cargo’s consolidators may also provide bi-directional links between many places. It helps cargo to move quickly and frequently.

4. Tracking

Most of the air freight service providers also offer their customers web-based monitoring facility. It allows them to check the current or real-time status of your cargo from its destination to arrival. You can easily track air cargo from Dubai to anywhere because of the modern technology.

5. Cost of packaging

Because cargo is transported in very lightweight wrapping, there is a reduced need for containers and packaging material.

As its transportation time is reasonably short, then the insurance premium is low. If air freight would be expensive, it brings about savings in terms of smaller insurance amount.

6. Fewer items in stock so, this is less need for warehousing

With the faster transportation times of air freight, you do not need to keep things in the warehouse or may less need for local storage sometimes. Cargo inspection, customs clearance, and cargo handlers are much capable of their work, as most of the cargo is cleared within a few hours.

7. Less packaging required

Last but not least, air shipments may require lightweight or less heavy packing than, for example, ocean’s shipments. It means that you save both money and time for providing service of additional packing for your goods.